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    FEBRUARY 24, 2005
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Carver Science Fair Judges Sought

The George Washington Carver Science Fair, co-sponsored by Temple University, needs judges for the 26th annual fair for 7th- through 12th-graders to be held Tuesday, March 8, at McGonigle Hall. 

Judges are needed in a variety of fields, including behavioral/social science, biochemistry, botany, chemistry, computer science, consumer science, earth/space science, engineering, environmental science, mathematics, medicine/health science, microbiology, physics and zoology. 

Judges receive a continental breakfast, a brief introduction to the fair, project evaluations through the morning, a buffet lunch, the opportunity to network with colleagues and individual student interviews throughout the afternoon. 

A science fair judge need not be employed in a science or education field, but should possess a comfortable background in science, math, technology, engineering and/or education, as well as have an appreciation for science education. 

Judges are also needed for the elementary science fair for grades 4 through 6 to be held Wednesday, March 30, at the Academy of Natural Sciences, 19th St. and Benjamin Franklin Parkway. 

To volunteer as a judge for one or both fairs, you can fill out an online registration form at www.temple.edu/carversciencefair.

You can also contact Kathy Fadigan, Carver Science Fair judges chairperson, 267-971-6431 or katfadigan@hotmail.com, or Sharon Angus-Smith, Carver Science Fair judges coordinator, 215-405-5061 or angussmith@acnatsci.org.