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    May 31, 2006
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Temple University is pleased to announce its first-ever Universitywide effort to welcome new students. Welcome Week will be held at the beginning of the 2006 fall semester: Thursday, Aug. 24 to Friday, Sept. 1. This is an extraordinary opportunity for Temple to help new students to find their place within the Temple community. Following on the heels of Temple’s Student Orientations, the special programs and activities that make up Welcome Week are designed to reaffirm Temple’s commitment to its incoming students and their families. The programs also are crafted to help new students successfully transition to a university environment — contributing to their long-term success as Temple students.

Welcome Week gives students the tools to learn about and get involved in campus life. Activities will be held across campus (e.g., in residence halls, the Student Center, the TECH Center, Tuttleman Learning Center and the Liacouras Center). Program offerings will support students and their parents in the college transition, help students connect with one another, showcase the many resources available to students, demonstrate how things work at Temple and introduce students to urban living and the wider Philadelphia community.

Over the years, Temple has worked hard to usher incoming students into the community. Many of the activities included in Welcome Week are not new programs; this weeklong celebration includes a number of events that the University has been doing for years. However, Welcome Week is a deliberate effort on the University’s part to present a unified welcome to students. Welcome Week represents an opportunity for all of Temple’s departments to inform students about their programs and activities in a centralized forum. Welcome Week events — ranging from athletic and social events to special information sessions to open houses from University academic departments — will be posted on a forthcoming Web page. Students also will receive a companion handbook that further orients students to Welcome Week events.

Faculty, staff, University administrators and student leaders are encouraged to join in welcoming new students to the Temple community. More details will become available over the months and weeks that precede Welcome Week. For more information, visit Temple’s Web site (www.temple.edu/welcome) beginning June 1. To submit your Welcome Week event or to learn how you can become a Welcome Week volunteer, call the Division of Student Affairs at 215-204-7188.