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    DECEMBER 12, 2005
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2006 summer reading nominations sought

The 2006 Summer Reading Project Committee invites members of the Temple community to nominate book titles for the 2006 summer reading project. 

E-mail your book suggestions to tulc@temple.edu and include 2006 Summer Reading in your subject line.

The committee is accepting nominations until Dec. 31, 2005, and the selection will be announced early in the spring 2006 semester.

Things to consider when suggesting a title for the summer reading project:

  • Is the book appropriate for first-year college students?
  • Is it available in paperback (cost/distribution issues)?
  • Can the themes/issues raised in the book be discussed across academic disciplines?
  • Are students likely to have already read the book in high school?
  • Is it a book they might be asked to read in a commonly taken or required Temple course?
  • Is the length of the book appropriate for a summer reading assignment?
  • Is it likely to be lively and of interest to entering students?
  • Would there be an opportunity to invite the author to campus?

The 2006 selection will mark Temple’s fifth year of asking incoming freshmen to read a common text. Early in the fall semester freshmen will be invited to participate in a variety of discussions and activities around the selected book.

The 2005 selection was “West of Kabul, East of New York.”  The author, Tamim Ansary, visited Temple in September.

To learn more about the freshman summer reading project go to www.temple.edu/summerreading. Questions about the summer reading project can be directed to Michele O’Connnor at michele.oconnor@temple.edu.