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    JULY 28, 2005
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Order your forms online

University printed forms formerly ordered under the Alpha/Staples office supply contract are now available for ordering online directly from Dupli under the printing contract or on the University's employee forms Web site. Please note that there are a few forms which have been discontinued.  

Forms now available for ordering under the printing contract with Dupli can be found on the TUPRINTING.edu link on Purchasing's website at www.temple.edu/purchasing.
Once on Purchasing’s home page click on TUPRINTING.EDU, sign in and begin your order.
All generic forms are located under the “Temple University” category.

If you do not have access to TUPRINTING.EDU you can complete and submit an on-line ordering profile form to Delois Corbitt, Buyer in the University’s Purchasing Department.   DeLois will set up your access and supply you with a password. The profile form can be found on the University's interactive forms site under Purchasing.  

The University's interactive forms site is http://webserv.adminsvc.temple.edu/employeeforms/default.htm and can be located from Temple’s home page by clicking on Site index, choosing the letter “F,” selecting “Forms, online interactive department and employee forms,” then selecting the correct department to locate the form.

The following forms are available from Dupli on the TUPRINTING.EDU site:

Form #286 Graduate fee slip Form# 302 Surplus Property form  
Form #290 Petty cash advance Form #307 Treasurer’s receipt
Form #297 Answer sheets Form #310 Work request*

The following are available on the University's Forms online site:

Form #285 Check contractual agreement Accounts Payable
Form #314 Request for payment Accounts Payable
Form #288 Monthly adjust payroll Payroll
Form #289 Weekly adjust payroll Payroll
Form #309 Overtime Form Payroll
Form #313 Work Study Payroll
Form #305 Travel advance Travel
Form #306 Travel expense Travel
Form #292 Petty cash Voucher form Bursar (Will be available by mid-August)
Form #308, 351and 351a Tuition Remission Bursar
Form #294 Purchase requisition Purchasing (Note: this form will be discontinued with the mandating of electronic requisitioning)
Form #296 Request for journal entry   General Accounting
Form #299 Speed letter Discontinued
Form #295 Purchase requisition Continue Discontinued
Form #311 Work request Discontinued (order form 310* - see above)