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    JULY 21, 2005
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TO:   All Main Campus & HSC Parkers

FROM:   James M. Cirillo, Director - Parking Services

DATE:    July 18, 2005

SUBJECT:   Parking For The 2005 - 06 Academic Year

Over the past year, the University has continued its plan to change the face of parking at all Temple campuses. This plan includes the construction of a new 800-car parking garage, which will open at the HSC in late Fall '05; major surface area improvements at Main Campus Area #1, Ambler Area #1, and the HSC Battersby Parking Area, which should be completed before the start of the new academic year; new roadside parking was added at the Ambler Campus to replace lost parking at Ambler Area #2, which is now the site of   new Learning Center construction; fencing improvements will also proceed at both the Main Campus and HSC, enhancing the appearance of several University parking facilities; and major software upgrades have taken place at all campuses to increase customer service, as well as protecting our customers from identity theft.

We have also separated both the University and Hospital parking operations, and we are prepared to provide an increased level of customer service from both of these campuses.

To help offset these capital projects and increases in our operating costs that we have incurred, such as security and snow removal, we are increasing parking rates this Fall ('05-'06). Parking rates (including the mandatory 15% City Parking Tax) that will be in effect for '05-'06 include the following:


  2004-2005 RATES 2005-2006 NEW RATES
Commuter Students (Main & HSC):   $68.00/month $72.00/month
Commuter Students (Amtrak Area): $63.00/month $67.00/month
Overnight Students (Main Campus): $73.00/month $77.00/month
Employees (Main Campus): $91.00/month $95.00/month
Vendor/Outside GA: $125.00/month $131.00/month

Student guaranteed access parkers may begin purchasing '05-'06 parking at their respective campus Parking Services Office at this time, according to each campuses' respective parking procedures. Student parking procedures for both the Main Campus and HSC are posted on the parking website at www.temple.edu/parking.

Main Campus employee guaranteed access parkers should complete and forward the enclosed parking application (for the '05-'06 academic year) to the Main Campus Parking Services Office, or it may be submitted to the parking attendant at your assigned parking area. Employee parkers who remain on payroll deduction will not have to visit Parking Services. Your new hangtag/decal (which should be hung on the rear view mirror, inside the vehicle) will be distributed at your assigned parking area. Otherwise, you are welcome to pick up the hangtag/decal at the Parking Services Office, at your convenience. HSC employee guaranteed access parkers who park in Hospital-operated parking garages will continue to use their current hangtag/decal. The existing rate schedule is in effect, unless otherwise notified by Hospital Administration, at a future date.

For those employee guaranteed access parkers who have not signed the "Payroll Deduction Consent Form", please consider doing so at this time, in order to take advantage of tax savings for both you and the University.

Main Campus Guaranteed access student and employee parkers are also reminded that when your assigned parking area is closed on the weekend and on holidays, you will be permitted to park, without additional cost, at Parking Area #4 (Diamond Street, between 13 th & 12 th Streets). When Parking Area #4 is closed during portions of the summer and during break periods, the Liacouras garage may be used without additional cost. HSC guaranteed access student parkers have reciprocity in the HSC garages at no additional cost, when their assigned parking areas are closed.


  2004-2005 RATES 2005-2006 NEW RATES
Debit Card Registration: $50.00     $54.00
Entrance before 3PM: $4.00 $4.20
Entrance after 3PM*: $2.00 $2.10
Debit Card Parking (25 parks): $96.00 $105.00

*NOTE: Discounted debit card parking, based upon time of entry, is not available at the Liacouras Garage or Parking Area #2. Debit card rates at these areas are set at the entrance fee of $4.20, effective 9/1/05.


  2004-2005 RATES: 2005-2006 NEW RATES :
Surface Area Cash Rate: $ 9.00 $ 9.00 (same)
Surface Area "Event" Rate: $ 9.00 $ 9.00 (same)
Weekend/Overnight Pass: $22.00 $24.00
Parking Privilege Card: $ 9.00 $ 9.00 (same)
Special Use    
(Inside - up to 75 cars): $500.00   $525.00
(Outside - up to 75 cars): $550.00 $575.00

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to visit our web site at: www.temple.edu/parking or call Parking Services at (215) 204-5301 (Main Campus) or (215) 707-2277 (HSC).