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    DATE, 2005
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Coming soon: New TUids, OWLcards for TU community

The Universitywide initiative to replace Social Security numbers with a unique nine-digit Temple University identification number — called the TUid — as the primary means of identification is well under way.

The next phase of this important project is the distribution of the new Temple ID card, the OWLcard, to all faculty, staff and students within the coming weeks.

Safeguarding the personal information of students, faculty and staff has become increasingly critical with the recent alarming rise in identity theft.

Severely limiting the University’s use of the SSN to functions required by law such as tax reporting and financial aid processing will greatly reduce the risk of unauthorized access to personal information.

Faculty and staff will receive their new OWLcards with their new TUid numbers in mid-June.

Distribution of the cards, handled through the Payroll Office, will go to the offices of vice presidents and deans.

Detailed information about the distribution will be sent via e-mail to deans, vice presidents and budget unit heads.

Students who will be on campus during the summer will be able to pick up their OWLcards at that time; a general distribution to returning students will take place just before and during the first week of classes for the fall semester.

For more detailed information about the TUid project and distribution of the new OWLcards, go to http://ssn2tuid.temple.edu.

- By Harriet Goodheart