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    MAY 11 , 2005
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Law Professors Collective Bargaining Association, Temple reach agreement

Temple University and the Temple Law Professors Collective Bargaining Association have reached agreement on a three-year contract that provides for salary increases and bonuses based exclusively on performance for law faculty and legal writing faculty.

            The 63-member bargaining unit ratified the agreement on May 5.

            Under terms of the agreement, which is retroactive to July 1, 2004, law faculty and legal writing faculty will be eligible for merit-based raises from a salary increment pool of 3 percent in each year of the contract.  An additional salary bonus pool of 0.75 percent, also awarded on merit, will be available to the law faculty and law writing faculty in each of the three years.

            Other members of the bargaining unit – librarians and bibliographic assistants – will be eligible for pay raises as stipulated by the existing agreements between the University and the Temple Association of University Professionals and 1199C, respectively.

            Other provisions of the contract applicable to the law faculty and the legal writing faculty include:

  • Tenure and promotion criteria and processes are the same as those in the current agreement with TAUP.
  • Non-tenure-track faculty may be appointed for five-year terms and are subject to the same provisions governing non-tenure-track faculty that are included in the TAUP agreement.
  • The University will increase slightly its financial contribution toward the Law School’s summer research awards.

Other provisions of the contract – which pertain to all members of the bargaining unit – include:

  • Health insurance benefits, including provision domestic partner benefits, are the same as those in the TAUP agreement.
  • Bargaining unit members can participate in an employee assistance program.