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    SEPTEMBER 9, 2004
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Administrative appointments at School of Dentistry announced

Thomas E. Rams, professor and chair of periodontology and formerly the associate dean for research and advanced education at the school, was appointed senior associate dean. In this position, he will work closely with Dean Martin F. Tansy on special projects. Rams also will continue as director of the school's Oral Microbiology Testing Service Laboratory, one of only three such state- and federally licensed periodontal microbiology reference laboratories in the United States.

Jon B. Suzuki, former dean of the University of Pittsburgh Dental School, was appointed associate dean for graduate education, research and international relations and as director of the graduate program in periodontology. Suzuki is internationally renowned in the care and treatment of gum disease.

R. Ivan Lugo, previously the associate dean for institutional relations and community affairs, was appointed associate dean for financial administration and institutional relations. Lugo will remain chair of dental informatics as well as associate professor of oral and maxillofacial pathology, oral medicine and surgery.

Sarah A. Gray, who has been with the school for 22 years, will continue to serve as associate dean for academic affairs. Michael E. Pliskin, who is chair of oral and maxillofacial pathology, medicine and surgery, will continue in his role as associate dean for clinical affairs; and Lisa P. Deem remains associate dean for admissions and student affairs.