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    SEPTEMBER 9, 2004
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New chair arrives to head journalism dept.


Recognized national expert in journalism history Bonnie Brennen has been appointed chair of the journalism department at the School of Communications and Theater.

Brennen joins the Temple faculty after spending the past five years as an associate professor of journalism at the Missouri School of Journalism at the University of Missouri-Columbia. Previously, she served on the faculties of Virginia Commonwealth University and the State University of New York-Geneseo and also spent several years working as a journalist and in corporate communications.

"I moved to Temple because I believe the new journalism department has the potential to become a major force in journalism education," Brennen said. "Our faculty is forward-thinking, creative and open to new ideas, while the urban environment offers our students a wonderful opportunity to obtain real-world journalism skills. Additionally, the new Multimedia Urban Reporting Lab not only provides cutting-edge educational opportunities but excellent research tools as well."

The newly established MURL is a working newsroom based on the ground floor of Temple University Center City in the heart of Philadelphia, just across the street from City Hall. The multimedia lab is fully equipped with the latest newsroom technology including laptops, internet access, wireless networking, digital recorders, access to the Associated Press wires and video cameras and recorders.

"Journalism departments, like journalists themselves, tend to be reactionary rather than visionary. New technologies and the specific cultural conditions in the United States today are changing the 'traditional' concept of daily journalism," Brennen noted.

"As journalists, our students need to be technologically literate and culturally aware to offer citizens news and information that they need and want. With the MURL project, we have the opportunity to be at the cutting edge of journalism education and set the standard for journalism education in the 21st century."

-By Gina Carson