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    SEPTEMBER 9, 2004
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Technology group to focus on anti-plagiarism program

The Instructional Technologies Users Group is an dynamic forum for Temple faculty to learn about and share their experiences in using the latest computer technologies in the educational environment. The first ITUG event of the fall semester will provide an overview of Turnitin, a plagiarism-detection program that quickly identifies unoriginal work. Faculty and staff will demonstrate how this program acts as a powerful deterrent against plagiarism. The event will be held Thursday, Sept. 16 , in The Tuttleman Learning Center, room 209, from noon to 1 pm.

Ongoing privacy initiatives

To protect the confidentiality of student information, faculty will now see only the last four digits of a Temple Student ID on class lists and grade lists.

Software installation continues University's anitvirus campaign

Temple continues to wage the war against computer viruses by requiring the installation of Temple's centrally managed Symantec AntiVirus software on all on-campus computers. Faculty and staff can download the software on campus at no charge from the antivirus.temple.edu Web site. Residence hall students can automatically obtain the software from the getconnected.temple.edu Web site when they apply for Internet service. Since its implementation last fall, the program has proven itself to be tremendously successful in protecting Temple computers from viruses.

Tuttleman Learning Center computer equipment upgraded

Temple keeps pace with technology with the installation of more than 100 new student computer workstations in the Tuttleman Scholars Information Center (general-use computer lab). The PCs have been upgraded to Pentium 4 processors with 17-inch flat-panel monitors and the Macintosh computers have been upgraded to G5 processors, also with 17-inch flat-panel monitors.

Training room equipment expanded and upgraded

The training room in Gladfelter Hall, room 659, was recently upgraded to include 13 Dell Optiplex 270 Pentium 4 computers at 2.8 GHz. Six scanners as well as two photo-quality inkjet printers have been installed in the room to accommodate digital imaging, text scanning and desktop publishing seminars. In addition, each computer includes a DVD drive and burner to complement multimedia-intensive classes. There is also a new ceiling-mounted digital projector and screen to facilitate instruction by displaying lessons from the instructor's computer station.