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    SEPTEMBER 8, 2005
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Junior faculty investigators receive award from medicine department

A new award designed to jump-start research careers in academic medicine was conferred recently on Wissam Chatila, Frank Friedenberg and Helene Glassberg.

The Temple Department of Medicine Faculty Development Research Award was created by medicine department chair Joel Richter to assist promising and aspiring faculty in pursuing externally funded research careers.


“My primary goal in coming to Temple was to develop more scholarly activity and help return the department of medicine to its glory days. One way to achieve this is by assisting junior faculty in their pursuit of new medical and scientific discovery,” Richter said.

The award is similar to those Richter developed at the Cleveland Clinic and the American College of Gastroenterology.

Each year, selected junior faculty members (assistant and associate professors) in the department of medicine will receive, on a competitive basis, a three-year, $225,000 grant to support their research ($75,000 a year).

Plus, 50 percent of their time will be protected so that they can conduct this research.

Such an award provides a bridge from the postgraduate training time to the time when physician/scientists become ready to pursue their own National Institutes of Health funding.

“My colleagues and I are going to be out of this business in 10 years,” Richter said. “If we don’t develop the clinician-scientists following us, what’s going to happen? Awards are pivotal in giving young people their start.”

- By Eryn Jelesiewicz