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    SEPTEMBER 23, 2004
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New technology comes to Ambler/Fort Washington

In an effort to enhance instruction, coursework and research at Temple's Ambler and Fort Washington campuses, Computer Services has installed the following new technology resources:

  • 28 high-end Gateway PC computers with 3.0GHz processors, 750MB internal Zip drives, 19-inch flat-panel displays, Windows XP and Microsoft Office XP in room 2 of the library building.
  • New peripherals and software in the Scholars Information Center in room 29 of the library building including: a file server, Epson Perfection 3170 photo scanner with Adobe Photoshop Creative Suite and OmniPage Pro software, a Hewlett-Packard Deskjet 5850 printer and a Castelle LANpress 3/p100 print server.
  • Instructional media equipment including: overhead projectors, video monitors, digital cameras, video/data projectors for smart carts and a portable stereo system.
  • Upgrade of five smart classrooms in Bright, Cottage, and Dixon halls and in the Widener Building with new PCs, multimedia/video projection units and two new document cameras.
  • Additional software programs in the Instructional Support Center including: Adobe Creative Suite Premium (Photoshop, Acrobat, InDesign, Illustrator and GoLive).
  • Computer equipment, peripherals, and software for the Ambler College including: high-end digital video camera, new computer system for landscape architecture student archive projects, scanner, card reader, laser printer, video projector and projection screen, and software applications including TransCAD, AutoCAD, TWAIN and Macromedia Studio MX.
  • Six new state-of-the-art multi-podium carts for undergraduate and graduate courses at Fort Washington with Gateway E-4100 PCs, 3.0GHz processors, Epson Powerlite multimedia/video projectors, and Panasonic DVD/VCR combo units.

New technology comes to Tyler

Various new computers, peripherals and software applications were acquired for the Tyler School of Art and installed by Computer Services. The following technology resources were purchased primarily with 2003-04 University and Tyler technology fee funds to benefit students from all Tyler curriculums:

  • Upgrade and transition of nine computer labs/classrooms from Mac OS 9 to OS X operating system software.
  • 25 PowerMac G5 workstations for the Senior and Graduate Graphic and Interactive Design computer labs.
  • Three high-end wide-format Epson inkjet printers for the photography department as well as an Iris fine art giclée printer through a private donation source.
  • Two dual Xeon workstations for the jewelry making department, which support the design for the 3D rapid prototyping and CAD/CAM software application.
  • Three PowerMac G5 computers for the fibers department and an Epson wide-format inkjet printer to support printing on diverse materials such as Tyvek and fibers.
  • File server for architecture, which has increased student server file storage capacity, and a new Hewlett-Packard wide-format inkjet printer/plotter.
  • Seventy-four PowerMac G5 workstations for the Macintosh facilities in Tuttleman Hall consisting of various software applications for graphic interactive design, video and audio post production, as well as other programs, which support art and art education, architecture, and the School of Communications and Theater.