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    SEPTEMBER 16, 2004
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In Memorium
Jack Crow, former physics chairman, dies at 65


Jack Crow, who chaired the physics department at Temple from 1979 to 1982, died of cancer on Sept. 3, 2004. He was 65.

Crow came to Temple in 1973. Together with Ted Mihalisin, he built a research laboratory for low-temperature physics, which became well known for experimental work on magnetism and the electronic properties of materials. Two of Crow’s many doctoral students, Chyanlong Lin and Tan Yuen, are currently on the faculty at Temple. Many at Temple remember Jack for his infectious grin and the boundless enthusiasm with which he did his work, both scientific and administrative.

In 1989, Crow followed an offer to Florida State University, and spearheaded what many thought was a futile effort to wrench the National Magnet Laboratory from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, its home for three decades. But Crow was irrepressible, gutsy, energetic and persuasive, and put together a strong proposal. In a decision that shocked the scientific community at the time, the National Science Foundation awarded the $100 million contract to FSU in 1990.

As director of the laboratory until 2002, Crow built a world-class facility that has routinely broken world records in building stronger and stronger magnets. Under his leadership, too, the laboratory attracted leading researchers in a variety of disciplines that use magnetism as a tool.
“Jack was simply amazing,” said Kirby Kemper, Florida State’s vice president for research. “While carrying out his role as lab director, Jack maintained a world-class research program in developing and characterizing new materials.”