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    SEPTEMBER 1, 2005
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Human Resources gears up for fall

Faced with the ongoing challenge of meeting the diverse developmental needs of Temple employees, the Human Resources Department has responded with more than 63 different courses offered on Main Campus, the Health Sciences Center and Temple University Center City. When requested, HR representatives also offer programs at Ambler, Fort Washington, Tyler, the School of Podiatric Medicine and Harrisburg.

This year marks the launch of several new programs, some designed for all University employees and others targeted specifically to Temple supervisory and leadership-level staff.

Customer service courses

In the new course “Applying A+ Service Skills: Practice Makes Perfect,” participants will simulate real-world situations and put customer service theory into practice.
Another new course, “Directing, Monitoring and Measuring Customer Service for Supervisors,” is designed to teach supervisors how to set departmental/unit customer service standards, create quality service initiatives and measure customer satisfaction. Participants will discuss the pros and cons of assessment procedures such as surveys, observation and focus groups, and will leave with new tools for developing service action plans based on S.M.A.R.T. goals.

Career development

In “Moving On Up at Temple University,” representatives from HR’s compensation, employment and organizational development and training units will demonstrate how to use HR systems and Temple resources to maximize their potential here. Workshop attendees will be introduced to the new features and functions of the IGreentree Web-based software and explore how to submit an application for new positions through the Temple Web site and tips on the interviewing process.

Financial systems certificate program

“Money Matters: Temple University’s Financial Systems Certificate Program” is a series of four programs: “Cost Center Processing Overview & FMS on the Web” (required for certificate), “How to Purchase Goods and Services at Temple,” “How to Pay for Goods and Services at Temple” and “Managing a Sponsored Project, or What Do I Do Now That My Proposal Is Funded?” To receive a certificate a participant must attend the required course, plus two of the other courses in this series. Programs will be conducted by members of the finance department.

Supervisory/managerial training program

Process analysis is the systematic review of how an organizational unit or an individual functions and how processes are performed. In “Process Analysis for Supervisors and Department Heads,” participants will learn techniques for collecting and analyzing data, as well as investigate ways to use information to develop and implement plans for increased productivity and resource management.

“How To Hire The Right Person: Competency-Based Behavioral Interviewing” details the process of conducting interviews that ensure that Temple maintains its qualified, competent and diverse staff. The program focuses on interviewing procedures that are designed to guard against discrimination while ensuring that qualified individuals are hired.

In “HR Systems for New and Not-So-New Temple Supervisors,” participants will become more familiar with systems such as automated employee attendance records, iGreentree for electronic resume and job tracking, iHiring Manager for electronic job requisitions, the Web-based Performance Development System, the electronic hierarchy system and Employee Self-Service system. Supervisors will leave with a clearer understanding of which HR-related activities they can and should delegate to others and how to monitor and follow up on electronic processes.

Administrative professionals certificate program

This program is designed for new and not-so-new to Temple administrative professionals (administrative assistants, secretaries, clerks and receptionists) who want to enhance their professional skills. Participants will learn how the role of the administrative professional is changing and will brush up on many of the interpersonal and administrative skills required of the Temple administrative professional. To receive a certificate of completion, participants are required to attend six courses (three core courses and three electives) within a two-year period.

Core courses (required): “From Secretary to Administrative Professional: What Has Changed—What Hasn’t”; “Write It Right, or Proofreading and Grammar Crash Course”; any customer service seminar. Electives courses: Choose any three additional programs (certificate courses count as two programs).

Human Resources welcomes suggestions for new programs and encourages every employee to get ready … set … and register!

To learn more or to register
To explore Universitywide training resources, employees can visit Human Resources’ home page at www.temple.edu/personnel and click on the “University-Wide Training and Development” link. At the top of the page is the “Competency-Based Training and Development Programs” link (https://atlas.ocis.temple.edu/hr), which goes directly to HR’s Organizational Development & Training online registration system. There, employees may select exactly the programs that will satisfy their developmental needs and can search for a course by competency, date, course title or audience. Department heads should remember that many of HR’s seminars can be delivered to individual work units as-is, as well as tailored to meet specific departmental needs. To schedule departmental training programs, contact Marie Amey-Taylor at 215-204-1673 or marie.amey-taylor@temple.edu. For customer-service-specific training, contact Eric Brunner at 215-204-3318 or eric.brunner@temple.edu.