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    AUGUST 26, 2004
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Summer programs at Temple

During the summer, Temple remains a place where people of all ages and interests can learn and grow.

At The Fox School, high school students from Philadelphia took part in a computer competition co-hosted by Fox and the Black Data Processing Association Philadelphia Chapter. One of Philadelphia’s two teams came in second place in the competition, which involved taking oral and written quizzes on computer terminology and solving programming problems.

The University’s Institute on Disabilities again sponsored Temple’s annual ACES (Augmentative Communication and Empowerment Supports) program, which helps adults with significant speech and physical disabilities learn to communicate using assistive and augmentative communication. The ACES participants lived on campus for two weeks and attended computer, communication and empowerment classes.
Tenth- through 12th-grade students from neighborhood high schools in North Philadelphia attended the Young Scholars Program’s six-week academic summer session, where they studied applied technology, academic reading and writing and social science research. The students will receive continued academic instruction two Saturdays a month during the school year.

Eighteen high school students from the Greater Philadelphia region built autonomous robots as part of the Introduction to Electrical and Computer Engineering summer course (above), under the guidance of electrical and computer engineering chair John Helferty. The students, who programmed their “Rover” robots to navigate a simulated Mars landscape, each earned two college credits for their work.

At this year’s Women’s Basketball Camp (left), Ieesha Turnage, a former Temple women’s basketball player and Temple grad, mentored young players. Turnage is now a teacher at the Hope Charter School in Germantown.
The department of dance played host to young, aspiring choreographers during the Summer Dance Intensive for Children and Youth (bottom). Under the direction of Victoria McGuigan, coordinator of Temple’s Music Prep dance program, the two-week camp focused on creativity and performance. Working within the theme of the camp, “Urban Life/Urban Living,” McGuigan guided the students—ranging in age from 7 to 18 years old—in expressing their thoughts and experiences of urban life through physical movement and dance.

The children explored their perceptions of diversity, how they understand differences and how they perceive themselves within a multicultural society. Mornings were spent in class learning and refining modern dance technique, while afternoon sessions focused on composition and learning the craft of choreography, allowing the young dancers to create their own collaborative works.  The camp culminated with a performance on the final day for family and friends at Conwell Dance Theater.

Earlier this month, Facilities Management held its first Employee Appreciation Day (left photo) as a “thanks” to its 480 employees. Celebrated with food, softball games, music and fun, the day was organized to recognize facilities employees—such as Willie Brumfiend (left) and Mike D’Alessandro—whose work keeps the University clean, attractive and operating optimally in 183 buildings on all of Temple’s five major campuses.