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    AUGUST 26, 2004
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Enhancements made to benefits

Full-time administrative and staff employees who are not represented by a bargaining unit will be able to use their vacation time in the same year that it accrues, and those same employees whose job classification is T-21 through T-29 will be eligible for a bonus program that could pay up to $1,500 to selected individuals and up to $3,000 to selected teams.

The University’s Officers approved the improvements early this week. Neither of these changes applies to employees represented by bargaining units, whose terms of employment are covered by collective bargaining agreements with the University.

“Employees throughout the University are working hard to help Temple reach its goals,” said Deborah Hartnett, associate vice president for human resources. “These changes enhance their vacation allowance by making the benefit available in the current year, and we are setting up a transition plan for those who have banked vacation time from previous years. Our bonus program, called Temple Excels, will provide an additional reward to those who are selected for exceptional performance through a special nomination and selection process.”

For vacation time, employees previously accumulated vacation time in the current fiscal year so that it could be used in the following fiscal year. Now, employees will use vacation time in the same year that it accumulates.

In addition, employees may request to use vacation time in advance of its being accumulated within a given fiscal year. Employees who use vacation time before it is accumulated and then leave Temple must reimburse the University or have the time used deducted from their final paycheck.

Employees hired before June 16, 2004, will receive credit for vacation days they accumulated in 2003-04. For example, an employee may have accumulated three weeks of vacation time last year for use this year. But under the new policy, that employee will use vacation time this year that is being accumulated this year. What happens to the vacation time built up last year? In this example, the employee will receive a “bank” of three weeks of vacation time that can be used in two ways.

Take the time off: Between now and June 20, 2007, the employee can use the “banked” vacation time in addition to the vacation time that accumulates each year. Any “banked” vacation time unused as of June 30, 2007, will be lost.

Get paid for the time: On Sept. 30 and March 31 of each year between now and June 30, 2007, employees will have an opportunity to receive a cash payment, at the base salary rate, for any partial or full amount of the “banked” vacation time. This payment will be taxable income.

Finally, new hires in positions classified T-21 through T-25 will start their jobs with a prorated number of vacation days based on a rate of 10 days per year. Once they successfully complete a probationary period, they will accumulate vacation days at a rate of 15 days per year. Employees classified T-26 and above will see no change in total vacation days per year, but will begin to accrue vacation time from date of hire.

The “Temple Excels annual performance bonus program” is intended to provide an annual special recognition to individuals or to teams of two to 10 employees each who have accomplished an extraordinary achievement at work. All full-time non-bargaining employees at levels T-21 through T-29 who have a current performance rating of proficient or distinguished can be nominated for an award.

The program is designed to reward employees or teams who perform substantially above expectations on a specific project, make a contribution with significant impact on University or department objectives, go above and beyond their normal responsibilities or assume added responsibilities in the short term to rectify a “gap” in the organization.

Recognition will be in the form of a one-time cash bonus payment that may range from $200 to $1,500; the maximum team award is $3,000, to be divided among team members.

Any supervisor may nominate employees or teams for the award. Level 1 administrative approval is required for a nomination to be submitted to the selection committee.

The deadline for submissions for this year is Sept. 30. Nomination forms are available on the Human Resources Web site.

The new policies and additional details also can be found at
www.temple.edu/hr/vacation.html for the vacation changes
www.temple. edu/hr/bonus.html for the Excels bonus program.