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    AUGUST 26, 2004
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Editor's Note

New look, more content

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This new academic year brings with it a new Temple Times!

Some of the changes—the new “flag” or title atop Page 1, frequent expansion to eight pages and a redesign throughout the paper—are immediately obvious. Other improvements—more stories about Temple, its people and campus life generally—will become more apparent over time.

Our intent is to provide comprehensive coverage of the University’s intellectual, social and community life. Standing features will highlight research awards, faculty publications, professional presentations and other notable achievements. We will be writing more stories about teaching, research and service at Temple, as well as more profiles of staff, faculty, trustees and others who are important to the University’s success. Significant improvements to the calendar of events that we print here—and that will become available on Temple’s Web site—are on the way later this fall.

To support this effort, we have reorganized the University’s public relations operations into a single Office of Communications with a staff that is responsible for both internal and external communications efforts. The primary mission of the editors, directors and contributing writers listed on Page 2 is to find and write strong stories that convey an important message about today’s Temple and our strategic goals for tomorrow. Those stories will appear in this publication, will be available for use on Web sites and in publications produced by our schools and colleges, and—as appropriate—will be pitched to the news media in an attempt to elevate Temple’s public visibility and appropriately enhance the University’s reputation.

These improvements are, in many ways, a work in progress. We welcome your compliments and criticisms as we strive to build a strategic and coordinated communications effort that is reflected both within these pages and in our relationships with the news media.

Mark Eyerly
Chief Communications Officer

Betsy Winter