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    JULY 7, 2005
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New merit pay awards for faculty, librarians, academic professionals

Provost Ira Schwartz announced that 421 faculty members, librarians and academic professionals — more than one-third of the employees represented by the Temple Association of University Professionals (TAUP) — have been awarded merit salary increases for their outstanding performance and achievements in their respective fields.

The merit salary increases were the first to be awarded under the terms of the University's new collective bargaining agreement with TAUP, which was ratified by TAUP members in March.

The new process calls for faculty advisory committees in each of the 13 schools and colleges with TAUP faculty to recommend their most deserving colleagues to deans for merit salary awards. A similar process is being used to generate recommendations for meritorious librarians.

New guidelines for faculty merit pay emphasize a combination of outstanding performance in two areas: teaching or instruction, and research, scholarship or creative activity.

President David Adamany and Schwartz were pleased with the results.

“The faculty advisory committees applied high standards in making their recommendations,” Schwartz said. “They truly recognized the outstanding performance of their colleagues.”

Of the 421 merit pay award winners, 389 were faculty members, 12 were librarians and 20 were academic professionals. The faculty merit pay award winners received distributions totaling more than $800,000 in annual salary increases. Only $600,000 in merit pay increases were distributed to faculty members in 2003–04, when faculty merit pay awards were spread much more thinly.

Schwartz also noted that a significantly greater proportion of 2004–05’s merit salary increases were awarded to non-tenure-line faculty members than in previous years.

The 2004–05 awards took effect during the June pay period and were retroactive to January.

- Hillel J. Hoffmann