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    JUNE 23, 2005
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With strong vote of confidence, AACSB reaccredits Fox

In February, a peer review team from the Association to Advance the Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) International visited The Fox School and, without any reservations, recommended that Fox maintain its accreditation.

To assure stakeholders that the school has a comprehensive strategic plan with a documented vision, mission and goals, The Fox School submits to an accreditation visit every five years. Obtaining AACSB International accreditation represents the highest standard of achievement and is the hallmark of excellence in management education worldwide.

The visiting team, consisting of Art Kraft (AACSB chair-elect), Tom Gutteridge and Lee Dahringer, was very complimentary about the state of the school. Specifically, they praised Fox planning, student metrics, teaching, research, student learning, professional development, placement, communications and the interaction of students, faculty, staff and alumni.

The AACSB team also noted that Fox has done an excellent job in leveraging its resources, but pointed out that if the school wants to compete with its aspirant schools and ascend higher in the rankings, it would need an appreciable increase in funding from both within the University and outside through fundraising.

Fox School Dean M. Moshe Porat said, “I am very gratified by the strong vote of confidence on all fronts given by the AACSB, and I look forward to the challenges of raising resources so we can move even higher in the rankings.”

The accreditation assures students, alumni, staff, faculty and the community that Fox:
•  Admits well-qualified students.
•  Advances knowledge through faculty scholarship.
•  Provides cutting-edge curricula and high-quality teaching in all programs.
•  Promotes meaningful interaction between students, qualified faculty and administrative staff.
•  Produces graduates who have achieved specified learning goals and places those graduates in jobs.
•  Manages resources efficiently to achieve its mission.

- Lisa Z. Meritz