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    MAY 5, 2005
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20-year club members announced

The following Temple employees are the newest members of the 20-year club, those who have been employed by the University for 20 or more years

Bernadette M. Barone, Temple University Center City and Continuing Education
Barbara J. Bennett-Yates, Admissions/Financial Aid
Kurt R. Bodison, Environmental Health & Safety
Karen Burstein, Medical-Health Sciences Center Library
Jeanette Butkiewicz, kinesiology
Harry J. Carpenter, Temple University Center City and Continuing Education
Consuela E. Coates-Beaufo, geography and urban studies department
Linda D. Collins, Medical-Medicine/Genl Intl
Robert Dein, Facilities Management
Glen R. Ehly, Campus Safety
Margaret M. Finnerty, Medical-otorhinology
Donna M. Frazier, Medical-diagnostic imaging
Cynthia D. Gale, Beasley School of Law administration
Jeffrey S. Gechman, Library-Law School
Harriet K. Goodheart, Office of Communications
Sandra F. Green, Human Resources/Benefits Management Department
Diana O. Guevara, biology
Brigitte A. Johnson, kinesiology
Geraldine Kelly, Medical-rehab medicine
Deborah E. Leonard, Medical-orthopedics
Mary L. Longs, College of Liberal Arts administration
Cheryl R. Mack, Provost’s Office
Nancy C. Madden, Vice Provost-Faculty’s Office
Frank L. Marzullo, Facilities Management
Helene A. Matt, Ambler College-Academic Advising
Anthony B. McCrae, Facilities Management
Ronald J. Moore, Facilities Management
Timothy C. O’Rourke, vice president of computer and information services
Angela D. Osborne, Medical-medicine/pulmonary
Pauline Pal, Study Abroad
Albert V. Povilaitis, Facilities Management
Kathleen B. Richards, Student Financial Services
Vernell P. Ross, mechanical engineering
Joyce L. Schofield, Campus Safety Services
Lois B. Sharkey, Tyler School of Art administration
Judy I. Shatz, Ambler College, curriculum evaluation
Steven G. Shedrick, Copy Center-Speakman
Sheryl A. Smack, Paley Library
Charles J. Smyth, associate vice president of budget and planning
Iren L. Snavely, Harrisburg Center
Deborah A. Spears, Bursar Operations
Curtis J. Starks, Paley Library
Victor W. Thompson, Medical - anatomy department
Suzanna Thornton, Diamond Dollars Office
Timothy A. Walsh, planning and policy analysis
Rosalind C. White, help desk and technical support
Dianne H. Williams, Medical-Fels Institute for Cancer Research
Joan Williams, Paley Library
Pamela R. Younger, Medical-Finance
For a complete list of 20-year club members, visit

50 Years of Service ...
Ethel Lombard

Administrative assistant, department of neurology, School of Medicine

: New Orleans.
What brought me to Temple: “I answered a newspaper ad.”
Jobs and departments over the years: “I’ve worked only in the department of neurology for the past 50 years.”
Why I’ve stayed at Temple: “Because I love my job and believe I make a difference. Which may sound corny, but it’s true.”
Plans to retire: “I haven’t decided yet, nor have I given it much thought.”
How has Temple changed over the years: “Temple has grown by leaps and bounds over the past 50 years.  It has enhanced its stature in the eyes of the community and has improved the lives of many.” 
Strongest memory: “My fondest memory dates back to the years when Dr. Ernest Spiegel was chair of the department and his work on stereoencephalotomy was lauded by the medical community.  The first International Conference on Stereoencephalotomy stands out in my memory, when physicians from many countries attended, and I played an integral part in arranging the conference. Dr. Spiegel and Dr. Henry T. Wycis [a neurosurgeon] accomplished so much in those years, and the first stereoencephalotomy is now on display in the Smithsonian Institution.”
Awards and honors from Temple: “I have received honors from the Temple 20-Year Club over the years and recently a rocking chair for 50 years of service from Temple University School of Medicine, compliments of Dean [John] Daly.”
What I do in my spare time: “I am a member of the archdiocesan choir. I am an avid reader and spend most of my spare time with my four children and four grandchildren.”

- Tyana McAllister