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    MAY 5, 2005
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Chemistry’s Dalton named Honors Professor of the Year

Photo by Natalie Nigito

David Dalton, professor of chemistry in the College of Science and Technology, has been chosen as the 2005 Honors Professor of the Year “in recognition of his outstanding work as a chemist and mentor, but above all, as a teacher.” Below is a re-introduction to Dalton, who has been a member of the Temple faculty for 40 years, as well as what his Honors Program students have to say about him.

Degrees: B.A., Northwestern University (1957); Ph.D., University of California at Los Angeles (1962).

Classes created/most often taught at Temple: Honors General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Mechanisms in Organic Chemistry, Chemistry of Natural Products (created), (Modeling as a Tool - Jointly in CIS with Professor R. Aiken, et. al) (created)

Something no one would guess about me: “Sorry, I have no secrets.”

The most important lesson I’ve learned from a student/my students: “Do not prejudge. Substance is more important than costume.”

Book I most recently read and liked:
A Devil’s Chaplain by Richard Dawkins.

Worst habit as a professor: “Answering the question the student should have asked instead of the question that was asked.”

The one thing I like most about Temple is: “Diversity and unity, and never one without the other.”

My favorite spot on campus is: “My laboratory.”

What Dalton’s Honors students say about him: “I’ll be honest with you, chemistry was not, and still is not, my favorite science, but having [Dalton] as my chemistry professor, I came to realize its importance and enjoyed seeing its connections in all other aspects of the biological world. I am very proud to say that I was taught by ‘the’ Dr. David Dalton, but I am even more proud to say that [he] inspired the investigator inside of me to come out.”
— Joe Gwiszcz, Class of 2004, currently enrolled at Temple’s School of Medicine

“He was a teacher who readily became a friend and confidant. He is a very good teacher. I sweated bullets but learned an incredible amount.”
— Maryana Zagorodny, freshman biology major

“I don’t think I’ve ever met such an approachable and accessible teacher. He was always there for us and answered every question, no matter how redundant or stupid it was. He never made us feel like we were dumb or anything along those lines. Most of all, he cares about his students and makes his lectures and especially his labs fun and exciting as well as educational.” — Maria Prozorov, sophomore biology major

“Dr. Dalton made my general chem. class fun with his sidewalk chalk drawings and chemistry jokes. He was always excited to help students with any questions in lecture and in lab. He has an awesome attitude toward his job and life in general. Even his exams contained small jokes!” — Alyssa Vaysman, freshman pre-pharmacy major

- Preston M. Moretz