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    MAY 4, 2006
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20-Year Club members announced

This year, those who have been employed by the University since 1985 joined the 20-Year Club, for Temple employees of 20 or more years.

20 Years (1985)

Josue Alvarado, Office of Facilities Management

Kenneth C. Anderson, Intercollegiate Athletics Women's Gymnastics

Derek L. Atkins, Building Operations

John E. Baum, Intercollegiate Athletics

Richard S. Beardsley, School of Communications and Theater

Marie C. Birster, Tyler School of Art

Bounnack N. Bounnarath, Office of Facilities Management

Michael Carter, Duplicating Services

John T. Cavanaugh, Campus Safety Services

Gayle D. Crawford, School of Communications and Theater

Theresa A. Davis, University Libraries

Donald S. Deigh-Kai, College of Science And Technology

Stacey N. Eleby, Temple University Center City

Vincent Elliott, Office of Facilities Management

Frank A. Fiora, Office of Facilities Management

Amy S. Goldman, Institute on Disabilities

Arthur J. Granroth, Campus Safety Services

Debra E. Griffin, School of Dentistry-Learning Res

Roslyn R. Haines, School of Medicine-Medicine/Admin

Joanne Y. Harris, School of Medicine-Practice Plan Admin

Denise B. Harrod-Flythe, Bursar's Office

Nadia E Harvin, Intercollegiate Athletics

Dewitt L. Hopkins, Campus Safety Services

Joann V. Horton-Walker, School of Medicine-Surgery/General

Michael P. Hutchinson, Office of Facilities Management-HSC

Barbara L. Irby, Campus Safety Services

Kathleen M. Jackominic, VP-CFO & Treasurer

Myrtle A. Jackson, Office of Communications

Jeffrey L. Johnson, Campus Safety Services

John D. Johnson, College of Liberal Arts

Rebecca R. Johnson, Office of Facilities Management

Felicia A. Kelly, School of Medicine-Off-Site Prac Plan

Renee Kirby, Disability Resources and Services

Cynthia P. Konecko, Computer Services

Irene J. Kushnir, School of Medicine-Finance

Charles J. Leone, Campus Safety Services

Andrew Listman, Office of Facilities Management-HSC

Deborah M. Love, Office of University Housing and Residential Life

William D. Lowe, Computer Services

Michael D. Macey, Office of University Housing and Residential Life

William M. Majzik, Office of Facilities Management

Ruth E. Mangum, Campus Safety Services

Margaret A. McCullough, Computer Services

Kenneth S. Mcguire, Campus Safety Services

Patricia A. Merriweather, Office of Facilities Management

Janice A. Milewski, School of Medicine-Cardiovas Research Grp

Michael F. Murphy, Cost & Property Accoun

Charles Musgrove, Undergraduate Admissions

Penelope Myers, University Libraries

Vaughn R. Neal, Tyler School of Art

Robert A. Nolan, Duplicating Services

Mary Oehler, School of Podiatric Medicine

Jeannette Perez, College of Education

Darrell M. Phillips, Office of University Housing and Residential Life

David W. Plasket, College of Science and Technology

Joanne D. Rempfer, University Libraries Ambler Campus

Thomas Rios, Office of Facilities Management

Cecil A. Scott, Campus Safety Services

Peggy J. Shadding, College of Liberal Arts

Marylou Shapley, College of Science and Technology

Paul F. Smith, Planning and Policy Analysis

Juanita H. Sparrow, School of Medicine-Psychiatry

David Teel, Office of Facilities Management-HSC

Brent P. Tillman, Campus Safety Services

Mary T. Vesey, College of Education

Jesse J. Wagner, Office of Facilities Management

Nancy G. Washburne, School of Medicine- Diag Imaging

Pamela Y. Watters, Student Financial Services

Gloria J. West, Campus Safety Services

Richard J. Wood, Office of Facilities Management

Jonathan B. Woodson, Campus Safety Services

Kevin B. Yeiser, Office of Facilities Management

Stephen E. Young, Recreation Services

Jeffrey Zambino, Computer Services

25 Years (1980)

Virginia Alvord, Office of Special Events

Mamta Amin, College of Health Professions

Frank P. Annunziato, Controller's Office

John A. Ash, Duplicating Services

Grace Aviles, College of Health Professions

Narda J. Bailey, School of Medicine-Ob/Gyn&RS

James C. Bausman, Internal Audit

Debra L. Beck, College of Science and Tecnology

Debbie L. Bennett-Kenney, Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies

Harlan N. Bradford, School of Medicine-Thrombosis Center

Carmen Burgos, School of Medicine-Urology

Robert J. Busarello, Office of Facilities Management

John P. Calabro, Office of Facilities Management

James D. Camp, Office of Facilities Management

Richard J. Cicalese, School of Communications and Theater Engineering

James D. Civitello, Office of Facilities Management-HSC

Thomas J. Colbridge, Office of Facilities Management

John P. Cruice, Office of Facilities Management

Patrick A. Cuff, Planning and Policy Analysis

Eapen T. David, School of Medicine-Off-Site Prac Plan

Thomas L. Fetherbay, Office of Facilities Management

Catherine Focht, School of Medicine-Peds Ophthalmology

Steven C. Gallagher, Duplicating Services

Valerie Goetz, Medical-Orth/Sports Medicine

Karen P. Grow, Temple University Ambler

Joyce Hankins, College of Health Professions

Bernice B. Harris, Fox School of Business and Management-Academic Advising

Gail C. Holland, Student Financial Services

Gloria Holmes, School of Medicine-Fels Institute

Sylvia O. Kaikai, College of Health Professions

Wendy Lebing, School of Pharmacy- QA/RA

Eugene G. Maggioncalda, Office of Facilities Management

Patricia A. Reavis, Tyler School of Art

Andy T. Riccardi, Office of Facilities Management

Marylou A. Rizzo, School of Medicine-Orthopedics

Thelisie L. Roberts, Campus Safety Services

Michelle M. Robinson, Student Financial Services

Jan E. Romano, Medical-Diagnostic Imaging

Eric Sanabria, Office of Facilities Management

Paul J. Smith, Office of Facilities Management-HSC

Catherine A. Spiotta, School of Medicine-Thrombosis Center

Valencia R. Stith, School of Medicine-Surgery/Ct

Teresa A. Taimanglo, Office of Parking Services

Orphialase Taylor, Bursar's Office

Marcella Thompson, College of Liberal Arts-Academic Advising Ctr

Kenneth E. Turner, Office of Facilities Management

Kenneth Ulmer, Office of Facilities Management

Raghunath D. Weerasooriya, College of Science and Technology

Gradette D. Willis, Academic Records

Harry A. Young, Human Resources

30 Years (1975)

Arlene Albritton, Microbiology

Barbara A. Anderson, School of Medicine-Off-Site Prac Plan

Charlotte W. Boyd, School of Medicine-Admissions

Elton J. Bryant, Office of Facilities Management

Theresa J. Cava, Academic Records

Delois E. Corbitt, Purchasing

Jeanette A. Dipietrantoni, University Libraries Ambler Campus

Dwight E. Duley, Campus Safety Services

John R. Furlong, Office of Facilities Management

Diana J. Herman, Temple University Ambler

Eileen Maria Hyams Kolick, Student Health Services

Curtis W. Jeffries, Student Financial Services

Georgia M. Johnson, Student Financial Services-HSC

Michael S. Keller, Computer Services

Phyllis Lightfoot, Office of Medicine-Fels Institute

Charles Macfarland, School of Podiatric Medicine-Video Services

Barry M. McFadden, Campus Safety Services

Richard E. Milner, Medical - Surgery General

Robert L. Norton, Campus Safety Services

Sandra Ortiz, School of Medicine-Pediatrics/Primary Care

Joan H. Overby, Fox School of Business and Management

Stephen E. Pavlo, University Libraries School of Law

Joy M. Rampson, Office of Development and Alumni Affairs

Lynne R. Rivers, School of Medicine-Medicine/Gastro

Laurie E. Shteir, College of Science and Technology

Jane B. Slotterback, School of Communications and Theater

Marilyn Solomon, Computer Services

William H. Stout, University Libraries

35 Years (1970)

Zenola J. Adams, School of Medicine-Ob/Gyn&Rs

Alexander Camps, Office of Facilities Management

James M. Cirillo, Office of Parking Services

Doris J. Clowney, Extension Services

Kathleen M. Connor, Student Finanical Services

Carol Ann T. Dangelmaier, School of Medicine-Pharmacology

Phyllis A. Deisroth, School of Medicine-Surgery/General

David P. Dillard, University Libraries

Lynn E. Farkas, Academic Records

Roslyn Gorin, Computer Services

Robert H. Gravely, Office of Facilities Management

Catherine M. Hence, Collge of Liberal Arts-Academic Advising Center

Diane Johnson, School of Communications and Theater

William I. Jones, Tyler School of Art

Clifton Keller, Temple University Ambler

James M. Lucas, Office of Facilities Management-HSC

Millicent C. Mace, School of Communications and Theater

Michael C. McShane, Campus Safety Services

Dorothy Pieringer, School of Medicine- Biochemistry

Edward W. Plieninger, Tyler School of Art

George R. Reichardt, Office of Facilities Management

Janet I. Rone, Human Resources

Lewis Rosse, Campus Safety Services

Freddie M. Sanford, Beasley School of Law

Albert Schweitzer, Campus Safety Services

40 Years (1965)

Milne B. Hewish, School of Medicine

Kathleen M. Hunsberger, College of Liberal Arts

Donald F. Kelly, Office of Facilities Management-HSC

Karen Y. Little, Computer Services

Dolores C. Treffeisen, Academic Records

Thomas H. Wible, College of Liberal Arts

Lorraine R. Witkowski, College of Health Professions

Angelina Yencho, School of Medicine-Orthopedics