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    MAY 25, 2006
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TECH Center tops 400,000 visits

The TECH Center's first semester was a busy one. During spring 2006, the TECH Center had more than 432,000 visits from 20,070 individuals. The busiest day was on April 26, when 8,062 people entered the lab. Students made 4,266 breakout room reservations and borrowed 729 laptops. The largest users of the TECH Center were The Fox School of Business (87,230 visits), the College of Liberal Arts (77,845), and the School of Communications and Theater (72,802). The busiest time for the TECH Center was weekdays between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., but even during the hours between midnight and 7 a.m. the center had 24,000 visitors. For more information on the TECH Center, go to http://techcenter.temple.edu.

LaserLife program offers printer maintenance and cartridge replacement

Just a reminder that Computer Business Services administers the LaserLife program, which was created by SOMA, a University hardware maintenance provider. This program combines printer maintenance and toner cartridge replacement for University printers.

Through SOMA, departments can purchase replacement toner cartridges for printers with or without a maintenance option. If a cartridge is purchased with the maintenance option, printer repairs are also covered through the LaserLife program. To be covered, however, Computer Business Services needs a record of the make, model and serial number of the printer.

When placing an order for LaserLife cartridges, departments need to indicate “LaserLife” next to the cartridges being requested. Computer Business Services will submit the order to SOMA and, when it receives the order, SOMA will deliver it to your office and collect the used cartridges.

If you would like to sign up for the LaserLife maintenance program or if you would like help assessing your printer needs, contact Computer Business Services at 215-204-5000.

Let callers know you're on vacation

If you will be out of the office for vacation, let callers know by recording an extended absence voicemail greeting. To record the greeting:

Enter the voice mail system by dialing 1-9595 (on-campus) or 215-204-9595 (off-campus).

Press the pound (#) key to indicate that you have a mailbox on the system. When you are prompted, enter your five-digit Temple phone number and personal password. Then, proceed as follows:

• Press 4 for personal options.
• Press 3 for greetings.
• Press 2 for extended absence greeting.
• Record the greeting and press # when finished. The system will then give you the option to confirm the message by pressing the pound key, re-record the message by pressing the star key (*), or listen to the message by pressing 1.

When you return from vacation, update your message by following the first three steps above. Then, for step 4:
• Press 4 for personal options.
• Press 3 for greetings.
• Press 1 to accept a standard greeting or 2 to record a personal greeting.