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    MAY 19, 2005
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‘Screen’ adorns new site for Tyler School of Art

Joy Holland

“An exciting future lies ahead for the Tyler School of Art ...”

That’s how senior sculpture major Joy Holland began her formal written proposal to University officials seeking approval to create and exhibit a sculptural installation on the Main Campus site that will be the future location of Tyler.

“It’s my first outdoor public sculpture, my first site-specific outdoor installation and my first experience writing a proposal,” she said. “I did it as a learning experience; my goal before I graduate is to try to work in as many different media and to jump through as many windows of opportunity as I can.”

Titled “Screen,” the installation was 65 feet in length and 7 feet, 9 inches at it highest point. It consisted of a series of translucent fabric screens in different shades of white and yellow supported by metal screws, steel cables and stakes. Holland began the planning and research for the project in September. When it was finally approved on April 8, she began the installation, which took three days with seven people assisting her. It remained on the site for several weeks and was taken down earlier this month.

Why sculpture: “Until I came to Tyler, I had only worked in two dimensions — painting, drawing, design. At Tyler, I fell in love with sculpture. I felt it was more adventurous, more challenging. With these kinds of large projects, I work with extraordinary energy and intensity, and they require lots of technical assistance and material resources. Getting it accomplished was part of the art.”

Why this location: “I wanted to create a site-specific work in a large communal area that would have the diverse audience of the Temple University community as well as local residents. The human interaction provided by the location, with two long paths extending across this field, is fundamental to the viewers’ experience of the sculpture.”

What you like best about it: “My favorite part is the way it glows in the morning and late afternoon. It’s constantly moving, and like a screen, it projects different images. Because of its translucence, it interacts with the environment — you can see cars, buses, people walking by. It almost embraces the environment, the wind, the trees, the light.”

The feedback: “Community residents came out and they really like it, they like the fabric and they think it’s beautiful. Some Tyler faculty brought their classes to see it. I’ve been told it’s a very giving piece. I’m very, very happy with it.”

What’s next: Holland, who spent her junior year at Temple’s Rome campus, is currently in Sicily for an intensive Italian-language program this summer. (She’s double-minoring in Italian and art history.) After graduation, she plans to go on to graduate school and a career in sculpture.

The legacy of “Screens”: “My hope is that this will initiate a series of ongoing exhibitions on the site until construction begins. It would be a valuable, hands-on experience for other sculpture students and also promote the Tyler community to the larger Temple community.”

– By Harriet Goodheart