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    MAY 19, 2005
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Library awards three $1,000 prizes for research savvy

Library prize winners
(From left) John H. Livingstone Jr., former New Jersey state librarian and a Temple alumnus; Steven J. Horowitz, junior philosophy major; Tessa Izenour, senior horticulture major; and Warren Anderson, senior psychology major, at the May 2 awards reception for the Library Prize for Undergraduate Research. Horowitz, Izenour and Anderson each won a $1,000 prize for their original research projects.

Three students each took home $1,000 this month for demonstrating their superior research skills. In all, 58 students from 10 schools and colleges, as well as the architecture program, covering three Temple campuses, competed for the first-ever Library Prize for Undergraduate Research this spring. Psychology senior Warren Anderson won for his research project “Emotion and Gender in Reasoning and Decision Making”; philosophy junior Steven J. Horowitz won for “Rethinking Lockean Copyright and Fair Use”; and senior horticulture major Tessa Izenour won for “Celia Thaxter’s Island Garden: A 19th Century Flower Garden and Its Historical Restoration.”

Four additional students won honorable mentions and $100 gift certificates for their research work.

“The winning projects, as well as those that received honorable mention, distinguished themselves by their originality, depth, breadth or sophistication in the use of the information resources,” said head of engineering and science libraries Gretchen Sneff, who proposed the idea for the prize last year, based on a similar competition at the University of California–Berkeley.

“The submissions offered an exciting glimpse of the vibrant intellectual communities that exist at Temple in each department and on each campus,” Sneff continued. “The process confirmed the presence of so many who work together across the University to support student learning — the faculty, librarians, Writing Center, computing center and administration, just to name a few.”

The competition was open to students who used Temple or non-Temple library resources to complete their research papers or projects during the fall and spring 2004-05 semesters. Sponsored by Temple Libraries and the Office of the Provost, and supported by alumnus John H. Livingstone Jr., former state librarian for New Jersey, the prize was created to promote undergraduate students’ use of library collections, from electronic databases to manuscript archives.

“The work of the students who won the prize and received honorable mention is really amazing,” said Vice Provost for Libraries and University Librarian Larry P. Alford. “Their excellent research demonstrates that high-quality research must go beyond Google or Yahoo! searches to use the literature of a discipline if research is to build on the work of those who came before us.”

A complete list of winners, including their topics and advisers, is available at libapps.temple.edu/liblog/archives/2005/04/library_prize_a.html.

– By Betsy Winter

To learn more

Faculty members may encourage students or entire classes to apply for the library prize. Instructors who would like to encourage class participation in the 2006 competition can arrange for a research workshop with a subject-expert librarian. Visit http://library.temple.edu/services/library_instruction to learn more or to schedule a session. For more information about the Library Prize for Undergraduate Research, visit http://library.temple.edu/prize.