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    APRIL 7, 2005
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SSN process moves forward

Last week, Computer Services completed a major milestone in support of Temple’s goal to convert each Social Security number to a TUid as a means for identifying students, faculty and staff. Approximately 900,000 unique identification numbers were assigned to all student records dating back to 1963 and to all employee records dating back to 1984. Centrally maintained administrative systems were also modified to begin assigning the TUid to newly added records.

This conversion was completed in preparation for the new OWLcard, which will replace the current Temple ID card. The card will also contain a hologram for added security. Student and faculty OWLcards are tentatively scheduled to be distributed in early May, before the end of Spring semester, and employee cards will be distributed in June.

Although everyone at Temple has been assigned a TUid, the number will not officially come into use until early this summer. Computer Services will announce the official TUid conversion day by e-mail and, on this day, students, faculty and staff will begin to use the new OWLcard.
E-mail any questions regarding the project or the new TUid to ssn2tuid@temple.edu.

Technology group to spotlight streaming media

On Thursday, April 14, at noon, faculty and staff members are invited to the attend the Instructional Technologies Users Group event in Tuttleman Learning Center, room 209. Steven Kreinberg, associate professor of music history in the Boyer College of Music and Dance, will discuss techniques for creating streaming audio and/or video presentations within Flash.

Staff will be present to discuss relevant copyright issues, as well as to address questions related to the use of streaming media and Blackboard.

Let TUmail reply to your e-mail while you’re away

If you are preparing to take a vacation, consider adding an automatic e-mail reply in your list of things to do. An automatic e-mail reply is a short message that notifies anyone who sends you e-mail that you are not available to reply. In the message, for example, you can list the dates you will be away and, if you work in an office, name a backup contact person in case someone needs assistance and can’t wait for you to return.

To create an automatic reply message in TUmail, click on “Options” on the left of the TUmail window and select “Automatic Reply.” Next, type a Subject for your reply and then type your message. When you finish, click on “Start.” Now, when e-mail is sent to your account, the sender will automatically receive your reply. You can check that this option is working by sending yourself a test message. (Multiple messages from one sender during a seven-day period will receive only one automatic reply.)

To stop the automatic reply option, perform the same steps, but select “Stop.”