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    APRIL 6, 2006
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Tools for Web administrators
Web sites on Temple’s main server (www.temple.edu) are managed through a set of utilities located at http://develop.temple.edu/[Web-site-name]/Webtools. These utilities have recently been enhanced to include the following:

• Master File Transfer Utility: Some Web sites contain special folders, called sub-Webs. These folders are administered and published individually rather than as part of the entire Web site. If your site contains sub-Webs, this utility displays a list of them and enables you to click on them to access their own set of utilities.

• Current list of Web administrators: Departmental and student organization Web sites are typically managed by Web developers, who create the actual Web pages; content contributors, who manage the content of the Web site; Web administrators, who manage Web assets and assign permissions to content contributors. This new utility displays a list of all the content contributors, Web developers and Web administrators for the Web site.

• Basic statistics: This new utility provides daily usage statistics showing the total number of hits per day for the Web site as a whole, as well as a breakdown by each page.

• Broken links utility: This option, while not new, is especially useful because it generates a list of all the broken links on the Web site that need to be fixed.

Share files with MyBackpack
If you are in the habit of sharing files by attaching them in an e-mail message, try using My Backpack instead. MyBackpack is a file storage Web site that you can use to upload and download your files and also share them with other Temple students, faculty and staff members. The site is available through http://tuportal.temple.edu or at http://mybackpack.temple.edu.

To share a file, first log in to My Backpack, click on “Manage your files,” and upload the file. Once the file is uploaded, follow these steps:

In the “Manage your files” screen, locate the file you wish to share and click on the corresponding Share box.

In the “Add this user” box, type the AccessNet user name for each person with whom you want to share the file or folder, separating each username with a comma but without any spaces (for example: jdoe1,jdoe2,jdoe3).

Next, click on “Add User(s).”

To return to the file listing, click on “manage files” on the menu bar near the top of the screen.
To access shared files:

1. Log in to MyBackpack and select “shared backpacks” on near the top of the screen. The AccessNet user name of each person who shares a file or folder with you will appear.

2. Click on an AccessNet user name.

3. Now you can perform one of the following options: To view a file or folder, click on the file or folder name; to download a file, click on the download icon; to remove a file from the file listing, click on the delete icon. Although the file will no longer be available to you, it will still remain in the owner’s account.