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    APRIL 28, 2005
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Robert Christman, director of radiology in the School of Podiatric Medicine, recently presented “Focus Your Diagnosis: Advanced Imaging for the Foot and Ankle” at the New Jersey Podiatric Medical Society’s March seminar.

Allen Hornblum, assistant professor of geography and urban studies, has been giving a series of public lectures at local universities including Penn State, Holy Family and Chestnut Hill College. The talks concern his book Acres of Skin and his recently completed documentary on the use of prison inmates as guinea pigs for medical experiments.


Robert Colman, professor of medicine and director of the Sol Sherry Thrombosis Research Center at the School of Medicine, led a team of researchers that published a new study in the May issue of Arthritis Research and Therapy. According to the researchers’ study, a new monoclonal antibody has shown promise in treating both inflammatory bowel disease and arthritis in animal models. The monoclonal antibody, C11C1, which is patented by Temple University, works by preventing inflammation and angiogenesis, two hallmarks of these diseases. Inflammation is a cascade of events that causes injury and pain in the body, while angiogenesis is the abnormal proliferation of small blood vessels.

Fox hosts regional teaching conference

The Fox School of Business and Management hosted the 2005 Mid-Atlantic Organizational Behavior Teaching Conference (MOBTC) last month in Speakman Hall. Speakers from The Fox School included Jason Ferig, a Ph.D. student, and Gay Spencer, instructor of human resource management, on “Mechanics in Teaching”; James Portwood, professor of human resource management, on “A Journey of Discovery: Using the Classroom as a Cross-Cultural Learning Laboratory”; and Robert Giacalone, professor of human resource management, on “Ethics by Number: Teaching Ethics with a Quantitative Slant.” Stuart Schmidt, professor of human resource management and a member of the MOBTC steering committee, coordinated and hosted this year’s conference. This was the conference’s 19th year.