Thanks $1 Million
Research Awards Club enters 2nd year with 14 new members.

Natural talents
Temple again has two Udall award winners.

Bench press
Library shows Evening
Bulletin photos.
April 28, 2005
Vol. 35, No. 28

   Postal Service standardizes return addresses on envelopes    Due to changes in Postal Service policy, Temple departments must comply with the standard placement of return addresses on business envelopes. [more]

    Russell Conwell Center receives $79K grant [more]

    Fox School forms alliance with top management school in Paris

Hitting the ground running

   Each year during the week before Spring Fling, Campus Safety Services holds its annual Spring Shape-Up 1-Mile Walk and 5K Run through Main Campus. More than 75 walkers and 32 runners, led by the University’s ROTC cadets, enjoyed a sunny day and refreshments at the eighth annual event earlier this month. Participants received free T-shirts, coupons to local restaurants, and refreshments from sponsors Sodexho, the Conwell Inn and the Draught Horse.

WalkRunPhoto by Natalie Nigito

Two centers offer help
for young businesses
    At Temple, innovation goes beyond students taking entrepreneurship as a major or a minor at The Fox School of Business and Management. The comprehensive resources of the school’s two entrepreneurial centers, the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Institute (IEI) and the Small Business Development Center (SBDC), are open to all Temple students, faculty and staff. [more]

Click for a complete list of IEI and SBDC resources for entrepreneurs, from centers and organizations to workshops and events.

Spotlight | Trustee Susanna E. Lachs
    Perhaps Susanna Lachs, J.D. ’78, was destined to be a trustee.
    After all, she grew up in a family where higher education was the family business. Her father was a congregational rabbi-turned-scholar who became a religion professor at Bryn Mawr College. Later her mother also joined Bryn Mawr’s faculty as a history professor.

Around Temple
    Multicultural carnival ... Ragin’ ‘Invasion’ [more]


Class travels to Jamaica
to serve, learn

$1 Million Club grows
to include 76 researchers
from 8 schools, colleges

Two students awarded Udall scholarships for environmental activism [more]
Temple HIV/AIDS specialist pitches pharma on novel study for patients [more]
Fear of falling linked with poor
balance, confidence in older women

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This Week in Temple History
May 7, 1981

  On May 3, a team led by Temple surgeon Jacob Kloff successfully implanted an artificial heart into a neurologically dead patient. The heart functioned for several hours in the subject, an anonymous woman who had died just an hour before the operation.
  Though in 1969 Denton Cooley of the Texas Heart Institute had kept a living patient alive for 60 hours with an artificial heart, the procedure was intended only to sustain the patient until a natural heart was found; Kloff’s focus, however, was on those patients who would not receive a natural transplant, and for whom the artificial heart would be permanent. He would go on to oversee more than 100 transplants at Temple Hospital.