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    APRIL 27, 2006
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Pilot version of OWLnet debuts in Temple Japan

The Temple University Japan Campus successfully concluded a pilot project that enabled undergraduate students to self-register for courses via OWLnet. Students in the pilot chose from a selection of Temple University courses offered in Japan. 

They also added courses and modified their rosters just like their Main Campus counterparts. A full rollout of the TUJ version of OWLnet is expected to take place in the fall.

Ctrax music subscription now free for students

Computer Services has worked with Cdigix to pilot a new plan that allows Temple students to sign up or continue their Ctrax music subscription service free of charge. Faculty and staff may sign up or continue their subscriptions for just $5.99 a month.

This new free pilot comes as a result of the successful introductory trial of Ctrax, in which thousands of Temple students, faculty members and staff members took part. During the Ctrax trial, more than half a million songs and albums were downloaded and millions more songs traveled over Temple’s network into PCs and laptops all over the University.

Using Ctrax, you can listen online to full tracks or entire CDs in high-quality stereo sound. You can also download an unlimited number of individual tracks or entire CDs to your PC, which you can then listen to without having to be connected to the Internet.

These tracks are referred to as tethered downloads because they are attached (or tethered) to your PC. You cannot burn these tethered downloads to a CD or transfer them to a portable player or to someone else’s PC. You can, however, perform tethered downloads on up to three PCs that you own. While you do not actually own the tracks that you download, you can keep them and listen to them as long as you continue to subscribe to Ctrax.

If you do decide to purchase a track or full album, you can do so for just 89 cents per track or $9.99 per album. These purchased tracks are yours forever, and you may burn them to CD or transfer them to a portable player or elsewhere as you see fit. You continue to own these tracks even after you are no longer a Ctrax subscriber.

Students: If you have already tried Ctrax during the free trial period and wish to continue using the free service, log in to the Ctrax Web site as usual (www.cdigix.com). Then click on the “Ctrax” button at the top of the page and start searching for your favorite music. Otherwise, to sign up for the free service, please visit Temple’s Ctrax Web site at http://cs.temple.edu/ctrax.

Remember, illegal downloading of copyrighted commercial music is strictly prohibited by University policy and is a violation of Federal law. So start enjoying the more than two million tracks legally offered through Temple University’s partnership with Ctrax, the leading music downloading service for the college market.