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    APRIL 21, 2005
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Student elections go totally electronic

Students cast their votes for Temple Student Government on April 12 and 13 solely using the UVote Web site developed by Computer Services. Paper ballots were available, but they were not used.

In order to vote, students logged in to uvote.temple.edu using their AccessNet user names and passwords. The site was designed to automatically restrict students from voting more than once. More than 3,000 votes were cast.

Request cartridge replacements through LaserLife program

Computer Services administers a toner cartridge replacement program for Hewlett-Packard laser printers called LaserLife. This program was created by SOMA, one of the University’s hardware maintenance providers.

Under the LaserLife program, departments are able to purchase replacement toner cartridges for printers. The cartridges are available with or without a maintenance option.

If you purchase a LaserLife cartridge with maintenance, the cost of printer repairs is covered while the cartridge is being used in the printer. You may also purchase a “LaserLife Cartridge Only” replacement, which does not include maintenance.

If you need help determining the benefits of the Laser Life Cartridge Maintenance program versus your current printer maintenance contract, contact Computer Business Services at 204-5000.

When you place your order, please indicate “LaserLife Cartridge with Maintenance” or “LaserLife Cartridge Only” on the requisition. Upon receiving an order, SOMA will deliver new cartridges and pick up the used ones.

For additional information about this program as well as instructions on how to order, visit the Computer Business Services Web site (www.temple.edu/cs/business) and click on “Hardware Maintenance.”

Residence hall information posted for summer conferences

During the summer, a number of students live in the residence halls while attending conferences held at Temple.

The Office of Telecommunications has announced that telephone and Internet service information for these students is now available at www.temple.edu/cs/telecommunications/summerconference.htm.

This site includes a basic telephone user’s guide, information about jack locations, and instructions for placing long-distance and international calls.