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    APRIL 20, 2006
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Bidding for Temple jobs just got easier

Welcome to the Big Easy. No, we’re not referring to New Orleans. We’re talking about bidding for open positions at Temple with the help of iGreentree, the position requisition/applicant tracking system that was upgraded just last month.

Launched in 2002, iGreentree originally was targeted to managers and the Human Resources Department. It replaced the previous paper requisition process with Web-based software to integrate hiring, employment requisitions, approvals and reports.

Using templates, managers entered information online about available jobs. Interested employees and outside candidates responded to openings either electronically or with paper applications and résumés, which were scanned into the system.

After Human Resources reviewed each application, an e-mail was sent to the hiring manager with each qualified candidate’s résumé. If 20 candidates appeared to be qualified, the hiring manager would receive 20 e-mails! And then the candidates would wait to hear a decision. With an average of 100 applicants for each of the 900 to 1,000 positions that are filled every year, the process was labor- and paper-intensive.

The new iGreentree vastly improves the process with a more user-friendly and efficient system, from start to finish.

“We are responding to the needs of both applicants and hiring managers,” said Harry Young, associate vice president of human resources. “We wanted a system that was easier for internal and external candidates to use, so that we can attract and hire the best available talent for Temple University.”

User-friendly for employees

New features have transformed iGreentree into a tool for employees to manage their careers. It’s accessible from any computer that is connected to the Internet — home, office, library or Human Resources lobby on the second floor of the University Services Building.

With the upgraded system, you don’t have to complete a new bid form from scratch for every job. Simply create an online profile, so that your information and résumé are ready when the right job comes along.

When you want to respond to a posting, you just click twice. With the first click of your mouse, the bid form is filled automatically from your profile. If it’s not quite right, editing is simple. Click a second time, and your bid is submitted. You’ll get immediate feedback and can track progress as it winds its way through the process.

Open jobs are posted online and on bulletin boards on campus every Tuesday and Thursday, and stay up for seven consecutive days. It’s simple to browse and search the list.

You can set up job alerts to receive electronic notification automatically when a newly posted position meets your criteria. There’s even a tool to send e-mails about open jobs to friends inside or outside the University.

Better tools for managers

When creating a job posting, managers now can tailor applications to the job by adding questions for candidates. The questions may be essay questions, multiple-choice, or require a simple yes or no.

Before a job requisition is posted, it must be approved by a dean or vice president. Managers now can track the drastically shortened approval process online. Approvals take only a day or two, down from a week or two.

Once the job is posted and candidates respond, Human Resources reviews applicants online and clicks on those who appear to fit the position. Instantly, the hiring manager can view the candidates in MyReqs. From there, the manager can evaluate qualifications, comment on them, and invite people for interviews — all instantly with a click.

Another new feature in iGreentree enables electronic sharing of résumés with the search committee. No more printing out and distributing résumés.

Efficiency gains due to iGreentree should allow managers to act quickly to fill jobs.

Starting out right

As important as the hiring process is, the improvements don’t end when the job is filled. Employee job satisfaction and performance in the long run often are affected by the first few weeks on the job.

Right off the bat, a letter welcoming the new employee is sent, with a copy to the manager. The manager receives supplemental information, such as the TUid number and a reminder to initiate the PDP dialogue within two weeks of the start date. All of this accelerates the employee’s adaptation to the new position.

And before the first month is out, satisfaction surveys about the entire hiring process are sent to both the hiring manager and the new employee.

Faster and better

The goal of every job search is to match the right person with the right job. Temple is using iGreentree to fill jobs faster and to encourage as many qualified internal and external people as possible to apply. Feedback about the new system from employees and managers has been excellent.

In response to those who say Temple does not offer job opportunities to employees, Young said, “We wanted to increase the number of internal candidates who bid for jobs. Before the system was upgraded, only 85 employees a month bid on jobs. Already, that number has jumped to 140 per month, and we’d like to see more.”

Don’t delay. Take charge of your career and create your online profile now, so you’re poised to act when the right job is posted.

Frequently asked questions
How do I access iGreentree?
Go to the www.temple.edu home page and click on the link for “Jobs@Temple.” Scroll down and click on your status: “Employees Only” or “Non-employee.” From there, simply follow the instructions.
Is it confidential?
Your profile is completely confidential. When you apply for a position, the information from your profile will be used to complete the bid form. You can edit that information before you send the form on to Human Resources and the hiring manager. Although HR and the hiring manager can view your bid form, they cannot view or access your personal profile.
Are all open positions at Temple listed?
Virtually all non-faculty positions are posted with iGreentree. Positions at Temple University Hospital are listed at www.health.temple.edu/tuh.
Contact the Temple Human Resources office with any questions by phone at 215-204-7174 or check with your HR generalist, who is listed in the directory on the new HR Web site at www.temple.edu/hr.