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    APRIL 20, 2006
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Bai pushes Congress to boost research support

Electrical and computer engineering assistant professor Li Bai, accompanied by Temple electrical computer engineering alumnus Sedofia Gedzah, traveled to Washington, D.C., March 28–29 to urge members of Congress to support increased research and development funding for science and engineering.

Bai and Gedzah were among a group of four representing the more than 5,500 members of the Philadelphia section of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers at the 11th annual Science-Engineering-Technology Congressional Visits Day. More than 300 scientists and engineers from across the country visited with members of Congress to lobby for support of increased research funding.

In his State of the Union address earlier this year, President Bush called on Congress to support his American Competitive Initiative, which commits $5.9 billion in fiscal year 2007 to increase investments in research and development, strengthen education, and encourage entrepreneurship.

Bai, who is vice chair of IEEE’s Philadelphia section, and Gedzah, who was chair of Temple’s student chapter of IEEE and is now an engineer at Lockheed Martin, met with Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, Pennsylvania Rep. Curt Weldon and South Carolina Rep. Bob Inglis, who is the research subcommittee chairman of the House Science Committee.

“They are all strong advocates for more research and development support to the basic sciences and engineering,” Bai said. “It has caught attention from the leadership of the government that a strong nation needs strong basic science and engineering work force. We know that we have delivered an important message to the people who represent the best interest of citizens in this country.”

- By Preston M. Moretz