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    APRIL 14, 2005
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New general business minor opens
Fox School courses to non-majors

Just in time for the summer, The Fox School is introducing a new general business studies minor.

“This is an excellent opportunity for non-business majors to gain an appreciation for business studies,” said Raj Chandran, vice dean of The Fox School of Business and Management. “This program is designed to be less quantitative in nature, when compared with the current business minor.”

The traditional business minor, which Temple will continue to offer, presents students with courses in economics, accounting and statistical analysis.

Chandran said the new minor offers business education for those who might be curious about a business degree, but are not sure they want such a strong quantitative element.

Since many non-business graduates pursue business-related job opportunities, the new general business studies minor will provide an important skill set, he said. Students graduating from liberal arts and other programs could find these skills helpful in pursuing employment after graduation.

Students can start taking business classes during the upcoming summer sessions, which begin May 16. Eight courses, or 24 credits total, are required for the new minor. Five of the courses must be completed at Temple. Students must declare the general studies minor within their first six credit hours of business minor courses at Temple.

Four courses required in the new minor are economics, accounting, human resource management and marketing. The remaining four courses can come from an array of electives offered by The Fox School, including many upper-level classes previously closed to non-business majors.

Students can take classes on Main Campus, at Temple University Center City or at Ambler Campus. Fox encourages students to take classes in the summer when more seats are available in popular courses.

Information sessions will be available later this spring for students interested in the new business minor. For more information, contact Helen Robinson, director of Undergraduate Student Services in The Fox School, at 204-7672.

- By Ray Betzner