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    APRIL 13, 2006
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TURF provides forum for student research, creativity

Photos by Ryan S. Brandenberg/University Photography
ABOVE: Jessica Warner, a senior marketing major, presented her research on customer loyalty at TURF-CREWS.
BELOW: Senior theater major Armando Batista presented an interpretive performance inspired by his experience of a brutal attack at the Undergraduate Research Forum on April 5.

Organizers said that this year’s Temple Undergraduate Research Forum and Creative Works Symposium was the biggest in its 13-year history, with about 70 presenters and 400 attendees at the all-day event.

Students presented research in a wide range of media from documentaries to engineering posters and research papers.

“It was really a gift to get to see the wide range of creativity and the quality of productions, whether written or performed,” said Honors Program director Ruth Ost. “It was an exuberant expression of the best that Temple exhibits.”

Although more academic units than ever participated, Ost hopes that even more fields will be represented at next year’s event.

“Next year we hope that every school and college at Temple University will showcase the best work from their school,” she said.

Scott Gratson, the TURF-CREWS organizer from the School of Communication and Theater, said the presentations were at times funny and shocking, but always thought-provoking.

“I was thrilled; it was such a wonderful day for the students, and they presented such amazing pieces,” he said.

“I can see the audience was very moved by what they saw.”

Support from professors and peers was gratifying to students, whose passionate presentations sparked much discussion in the audience.

“They were energized about their work in a way I don’t think they had really been energized before,” he said.

Another benefit of TURF-CREWS is its role as a gateway for students to explore possibilities of future research, perhaps in graduate school, Gratson said.

The only downside of the event for Ost was that she couldn’t be in four places at once to attend all the sessions.

“They were really inspiring,” she said. “You come away from this thinking, ‘This is just the best school in America.’”

- Patti Truant