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    APRIL 13, 2006
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Rome Campus signs agreement with state university of Rome

Photo courtesy Temple University Rome
Representatives from La Sapienza in Rome and Temple’s Main and Rome campuses took part in the March signing ceremony for a new cooperative agreement between the two schools. Attending from La Sapienza were (left to right) master co-director Patrizio Di Nicola, head of international office Antonella Cammisa, Communications School Dean Mario Morcellini, and University Rector Renato Guarini. Attending from Temple were President David Adamany, Rome Campus Dean Kim Strommen, International Programs director Denise Connerty, and Aldo Patania, Rome Campus business faculty member and liaison with La Sapienza.

Last month, President David Adamany and professor Renato Guarini, rector of La Sapienza in Rome, signed an umbrella agreement for cooperative academic and cultural exchanges between the two institutions.

The signing ceremony, which was the culmination of approximately one year of negotiations, took place in Rome at the office of the La Sapienza rector and was followed by the customary exchange of gifts.

The memorandum of understanding will pave the way for future cooperative agreements between the two universities in their numerous fields of expertise.

La Sapienza was established in 1303 as the first state university of Rome, and currently enrolls 147,000 students.

The Fox School of Business and Management and La Sapienza’s School of Communication are already working cooperatively to establish an M.A. program in corporate communication management at La Sapienza.

The new program will be overseen by a joint Academic Board comprising Temple and La Sapienza faculty.

The first group of La Sapienza graduate students and Ph.D. candidates will be enrolled in classes on Main Campus during summer 2006, after attending an initial course at Temple’s Rome Campus.

La Sapienza faculty members will also visit Main Campus to strengthen ties with Temple faculty and to identify additional opportunities to work together.