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    APRIL 13, 2006
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iTunes U accepts Temple U

Computer Services is pleased to announce that iTunes U will be coming to Temple in the next few months. With this new teaching and learning tool, Temple will join a number of universities including Duke, Stanford and Michigan who also are in the vanguard of providing the most current technology resources to their university communities.

iTunes U, a product of Apple, accommodates a variety of learning styles and extends teaching and learning beyond the traditional meeting places and times. Lectures, symposia and podcasting are among the variety of educational content that can be easily created and accessed through iTunes U. Additional information about iTunes U is available on the Apple Web site at www.apple.com.

Computer Services will be developing and pilot testing iTunes U during the next few months. If you are interested in learning more about iTunes U at Temple, contact the Instructional Support Center in the TECH Center at 215-204-8529.

Create a slideshow in Photoshop

Many people know that you can use Photoshop to edit and manipulate graphics. But did you know that you can use Photoshop to automatically create a slideshow that is viewable in a Web browser?

The Web Photo Gallery feature in Photoshop provides a quick and easy method for creating a presentation, complete with thumbnails and full-size images as well as captions.

The gallery offers a number of templates for laying out your photos and selecting a complementary background. Depending on the template that you choose, a number of additional options are available for customizing your slideshow.

To create a Web Photo Gallery:

1. Place all your edited photos in a folder. Note that the slideshow will display your images in the order that they appear in the folder.
2. Next, open Photoshop and select File > Automate > Web Photo Gallery.
3. Click on Browse and select your images folder.
4. Click on Destination and select where you wish to save your Gallery.
5. Then select the template style. Note that if you are using Photoshop 8.0, the “Horizontal Neutral” style is fairly simple.
6. Next, fill in the available options such as site name, photographer and date.
7. Click OK to create your gallery.

Photoshop then creates a folder with the following: thumbnails folder — small images; images folder — large images; pages folder — HTML pages for each image; index.htm — entire slideshow; ThumbnailFrame.htm — small images frames; UserSelections.txt — codes for selected options.

To view your show in a Web browser, open the gallery folder and click on index.htm. Note that in addition to watching the images change automatically, you can also click on the thumbnail or on the previous/next arrows to view selected images.