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    MARCH 30, 2006
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Ausim Azizi, professor and chair of neurology at the School of Medicine and Hospital, recently served on a panel of experts who discussed the “Future of Stem Cell Research” at the Franklin Institute. The event was part of the kick-off for Benjamin Franklin’s 300th birthday celebration.

Faculty members in the School of Medicine recently presented abstracts at the Department of Health and Human Services’ National Leadership Summit on Eliminating Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Health in Washington, D.C. Raul Dela Cadena, assistant dean of recruitment and retention and associate professor of physiology, presented “A Strategy to Increase the Pool of Underrepresented Minorities in Health Professions.” Mario C. Rico, assistant scientist, department of physiology, presented “Exploring Racial Differences in the Molecular Origins of Rheumatoid Arthritis.”

Boris Iglewicz, a statistics professor at The Fox School of Business and Management, presented “Albert Einstein: Centennial Celebration of a Master Statistician” at the midwinter meeting of the Philadelphia Chapter of the American Statistical Association on Jan. 26.

Al Vera, a reference librarian in Paley Library, delivered a talk at the National Association of African American Studies national conference in Baton Rouge, La., on Feb. 15: “Black Intelligentsia: Its Rise and Decline — A Proletarian Liberation?”

Edward Lama Wonkeryor, a dean’s appointment and lecturer in the African-American studies department, and Jarice Hanson, Verizon Chair in Telecommunications in the broadcasting, telecommunications and mass media department, presented at the Oxford Round Table meeting on diversity held March 12–17 at the University of Oxford in England.
Wonkeryor spoke on “Diversity in the United States: The Experience of African Immigrants” and Hanson discussed “Diversity Along the Digital Divide: Case Studies in Mobile Telephony and Access to International News.” The Round Table was created in 1989 as a colloquium for small groups of governmental and business leaders to engage in discussions of contemporary public policy that affect nations and states worldwide.