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    MARCH 30, 2006
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Keep business flowing when an employee leaves

Working with computer files and e-mail is part of the job for most Temple employees. When an employee leaves the University, the supervisor often realizes too late that formal turnover of information was not accomplished in the final weeks of employment.

Because of the importance of this type of information to the department, it is paramount that supervisors fully comply with the exit procedures established by Human Resources. The Temple University Termination Checklist, distributed by HR, has a signature section at the bottom for the exiting employee, giving permission for the supervisor to access files and e-mail messages in their former account. With this waiver, the supervisor may request that the account password be changed in order to retrieve business-related e-mail messages and files.

Supervisors should never ask the exiting employee for his or her password.

If an exiting employee’s waiver is not obtained, then a form titled Authorization Procedure for Accessing a Former Employee’s Computing Resources must be filled out and sent to the University’s chief information security and privacy officer (ken.ihrer@temple.edu). The request form will be reviewed and sent to the vice president for Computer Services, University Counsel and the President’s Office. Once their approval is obtained, access will be granted to the business-related files and e-mail messages of the former employee.

To view a description of this process and obtain a copy of the Authorization Procedure form, go to http://cs.temple.edu/policies and click on Guidelines for Handling a Former Employee’s Personal Computer and Associated Files.

Software development specialty lab available

Students majoring in subjects such as computer science and information systems now have a range of development tools available to them in the TECH Center’s software development lab.

The lab is located on the second floor of the TECH Center in room 213. It includes both Windows and Linux operating systems and applications.

For more information on the TECH Center, including resources and hours of operation, go to http://techcenter.temple.edu.

Access databases from TUportal

Just a reminder that in addition to the recent employee resources added to TUportal, faculty, staff and students can also easily access the many electronic databases offered by Temple University Libraries. Once you log in to TUportal using your AccessNet user name and password, simply click on TUlibrary under TUapplications on the left side of the screen. You can then click on Find Articles to search for full text articles from a large number of journals, magazines and newspapers. No additional login information needed.

To access the TUportal Web site, go to http://tuportal.temple.edu.