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    MARCH 3, 2005
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Diamond Dollars account Web site gets makeover

Diamond Dollars is a debit account that provides Temple students, faculty and staff with a convenient way to make purchases on campus. Just deposit funds into your account, and you will no longer need to carry cash around campus. Instead, you can simply swipe your Temple ID card, and the purchase amount will be automatically deducted from your account.

The past several years have been a great period of growth for the Diamond Dollars program, both in usage and increased variety of services available. To reflect the increased popularity of the program, the Diamond Dollars Web site has recently been redesigned and expanded. According to Scott Brannan, assistant director of the Diamond Dollars Office, “The Web site still had the original design and needed to reflect some new energy to our users.”

Using the Diamond Dollars Web site, you can add funds to your account, check your account balance and check your purchase history. The site also contains general program information.
Vew the Diamond Dollars Web site at http://diamonddollars.temple.edu.

Keep current on viruses

Even though Temple has antivirus protection, you should be aware that there are several viruses causing trouble across the Internet.

One of the viruses is the latest form of the Bropia worm: W32.Bropia.R. This version spreads through MSN Messenger and releases the Spybot worm. The message displays a cartoon featuring a toothbrush. It also includes a Web address that downloads the virus to your computer if you click on the link. Once the virus is on your computer, you will no longer have access to MSN Messenger, as the worm will send out copies of itself to all of your Instant Messenger contacts. Removing the virus is difficult because it can shut down your antivirus software. If you receive this message, do not click on the Web address. If you did click on the link, contact the Help Desk at 204-8000.

Another virus currently in circulation via e-mail is the latest version of the Mydoom virus, W32. Mydoom.AX@mm. The “From” address and text of the message varies. The virus does damage through a method called keystroking, which records everything you type on your computer keyboard, including passwords and credit card numbers. Once your computer is infected, it will scan your hard disk for other e-mail addresses and send them the virus as well.

As always, please maintain the antivirus software on your computer. Temple’s on-campus antivirus software automatically loads new virus definitions to your computer when you connect to Temple’s network. Also, be vigilant about clicking on links or opening attachments included in e-mail messages.

You can also stay up to date on the latest virus information at the Computer Services Information Security Web site at www.temple.edu/cs/security/index.htm.