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    MARCH 24, 2005
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Virtual Magnifying Glass software now available

Do you find yourself squinting at certain parts of the screen to read small text? Then try a little program called Virtual Magnifying Glass — a Windows-based program available on the Help Desk Download Web site (http://download.temple.edu). Virtual Magnifying Glass is a free, open-source program distributed by SourceForge.net.

The program places an icon in the System Tray, on the lower right corner of the screen. When you click on this icon, a moveable window appears that enlarges text and graphics. By right-clicking on the icon, you can set options, such as the magnification level and window size.

Full Social Security number removed from student bills

As part of the University’s ongoing effort to replace the Social Security number with the TUid as the primary identifier for students, faculty and employees, the full Social Security number has been removed from the student bill.

In the past, the Social Security number was printed in two locations on the bill and it was used to process and post payments in Temple’s student system and OWLnet. Students now see only the last four digits of their Social Security number printed on the top of the bill and a unique number embedded in the remittance stub.

This summer, when the full system conversion to the TUid is complete, the last four digits of the Social Security number will be replaced with the nine-digit TUid in the top portion of the bill.

This change required reprogramming and system and integration testing by PNC Bank and Computer Services and was completed ahead of the July target date.

A Social Security number conversion checklist has been added to the http://ssn2tuid.temple.edu project Web site to prepare and guide departments in the transition to the use of the new TUid. To review the guidelines, click on Conversion Checklist on the site under General Info. Send any questions concerning this checklist to ssn2tuid@temple.edu.

Exploring Turnitin

Turnitin is a plagiarism detection application that quickly identifies students who submit unoriginal work. Beyond a plagiarism detection tool, Turnitin has the ability to promote originality in student work as well as improve student writing and research skills.

On Wednesday, March 30, faculty and staff will discuss the capabilities of Turnitin as both a learning tool and an application to deter plagiarism. In addition, faculty will provide a live demonstration of Turnitin in action through the Blackboard system and members of the library staff will share their experience with plagiarism issues. The demonstration will be held in Tuttleman Learning Center, room 209, from noon to 1 p.m.