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    FEBRUARY 9, 2006
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Personalize your AccessNet account with an e-mail alias

Did you know that you can personalize your Temple e-mail address? For example, if your AccessNet account is tua00000 and your name is John Doe, you could create an e-mail address of jdoe@temple.edu, provided this address is not currently being used by someone else. This type of personalized e-mail address is referred to as an e-mail alias.

What is an alias?

When your AccessNet account is created, your e-mail address is your
AccessNet-username@temple.edu (for example, tua00000@temple.edu). An alias is a nickname that you can use instead of your original e-mail address. You can create up to five e-mail aliases for your account. Note that in many cases, an alias of firstname.lastname@temple.edu has automatically been created for you (for example, russell.conwell@temple.edu).

How do I create an alias?

Log in to the http://tuportal.temple.edu Web site. Under TUapplications, click on Cherry & White Update. Under Choose your @temple.edu e-mail addresses, enter up to five aliases. Click on Submit. Review your changes. Then type your AccessNet password and click on Commit Changes.

What are the requirements for creating an alias?

It must begin and end with a letter of the alphabet (lowercase or uppercase) or a number. You can use dashes (-) or periods. It must contain at least three characters.

Will messages sent to my alias arrive in my same TUmail account?

Yes. Although an alias appears to be a separate e-mail address, messages are actually sent to your existing e-mail account. 

Once I create an alias, do I still use my AccessNet user name?

Yes. You will still need to use your AccessNet user name to log in to most of Temple’s systems, such as TUportal. For example, if your AccessNet username is tua00000 and your e-mail alias is jdoe@temple.edu, you still log in using the username tua00000. You could, however, use your alias if logging in directly to the TUmail Web site (http://tumail.temple.edu).

Will my messages appear to come from my original e-mail address or from my alias?

By default, the mail will appear to come from your original e-mail address (for example, tua00000@ temple.edu). If you use the TUmail Web site, however, you can change your preferences so that your alias appears in your outgoing e-mail. To do this, perform the steps below:
Log in to http://tumail.temple.edu. Select Preferences. Overwrite your default e-mail address with your e-mail alias. Click on OK at the bottom of the page.

Notes: These steps will affect only mail sent through the TUmail Web site (http://tumail.temple.edu). It will not affect mail that you send using an e-mail client, such as Outlook, Outlook Express or Netscape.

When you subscribe to a Listserv mailing list, you are identified by your From address. If you change your From address, you will not be able to post to the list. In order to post, you must use the same From address that you had when you originally subscribed.