Attitude adjustment
Project studies how minority women approach breast cancer.

Saving Demba

Temple surgeon operates on Philadelphia Zoo gorilla.



Maine stage

Temple Theaters’ Pericles charts a prince’s adventures at sea.
February 3, 2005
Vol. 35, No. 17

Temple Inclement Weather Policy
    Temple University’s
formal policy explaining
inclement weather
decisions is available
online at
. [more]

    Temple to Continue Football at Division I-A Level
    Temple University announced that it will continue to play Division I-A football and will actively seek a conference affiliation as soon as possible. [more]


    Donate your old cell phone

    Super Bowl XXXIX

    Securitas employees from Temple provide help at inauguration 

Center to develop high-energy ozone

     If it’s successful, the discovery could play an important role in putting a man on Mars.  
With nearly twice the energy of normal, bent-shaped ozone, cyclic ozone could hold the key component for a future manned mission to Mars.
    No one has ever seen — let alone made — cyclic ozone. But that could all change at Temple’s Center for Advanced Photonics Research, which has been awarded a one-year, $1.25 million grant to develop cyclic ozone by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Administration.
    The research is being carried out under the guidance of center director Robert J. Levis, a pioneer in strong-field, laser-based chemistry and adaptive photonics.

Robert Levis
Robert Levis, (center), director of the Center for Advanced Photonics Research, demonstrates the ultrafast laser beams used to detect the cyclic ozone reaction product. Assisting Levis are (from left) Alexei Filin, Ryan Compton and Matthew Coughlan.

Temple helps foster care students realize dreams
    The University’s Center for Social Policy and Community Development, part of the School of Social Administration, provides foster care youth who visit the AIC with academic support meant to steer them toward a high school diploma and postsecondary schooling. [more]

Spotlight | Trustee James S. White
    Seven years ago, when Col. James S. White (U.S. Army, retired) stepped down as Temple’s executive vice president, he left as one of the University’s most respected administrators. [more]

Around Temple
A day at the zoo ... Student-athletes coached on alcohol use ... Grounds crews answer call after snow [more]


Professor: Breast cancer views vary by neighborhood [more]

Public-private partnerships may ease burden of false alarms [more]

Role of pharmacists expands
as drug safety concerns mount

Temple students receive $1,000 scholarships from disabilities commission [more]

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This Week in Temple History
February 3, 1988

   “The In Crowd,” a motion picture that had major scenes shot at the University, had its world premiere in Philadelphia. Interiors for the movie were filmed at Tomlinson Theater in August 1986, and proceeds from admission provided scholarships at the School of Communications and Theater. The director was Mark Rosenthal, a Temple alumnus. During the filming on Main Campus, more than 60 members of the Temple community worked behind the scenes and in front of the camera; in one scene, the Tomlinson stage was transformed into a train station with actual doors and windows from the Allens Lane station.