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    FEBRUARY 3, 2005
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Smart classrooms upgraded in Tuttleman Learning Center

As part of the Computer Services Five-Year Smart Classroom plan, 16 new ceiling-mounted projectors were installed as replacements in Tuttleman smart classrooms. Also, 29 new PCs were installed in smart classrooms and on carts.

One of the goals of the Five-Year Smart Classroom Plan is to keep equipment in smart classrooms current. The plan recommends the replacement of computers every three to four years and the replacement of projectors every four to five years.

Ambler enhances technology

A new smart classroom was installed on the Ambler Campus in Widener Building, room 211. The technology enhancements include a podium/desk equipped with a computer, a flat-screen monitor, a DVD/VHS combo deck, a mini-audio system, a document camera, a ceiling mounted projector and screen, and wireless access.

In addition, Bright Hall Lounge was upgraded with all new smart technology including a ceiling-mounted projector and screen, Internet access/wireless infrastructure, shielded wiring for a new audio/six-microphone input panel, an amplified audio board, a DVD/VHS combo deck, and high-tech fixed speakers throughout.

Anti-virus protection available

Temple is again offering Symantec AntiVirus software to Temple students, faculty and staff for home use at a minimal cost. On Main Campus, the CD can be purchased at the Bursar’s Office (Carnell Hall, room 115), the Surf Station (Student Center), and the Help Desk (Wachman Hall, ground floor). You are eligible to use this software to obtain virus definition updates through June 30, 2007.

For more antivirus information at Temple, go to www.temple.edu/cs/security/virusinfo.

If you use your computer on campus through a registered Temple network connection, your computer is already covered by the on-campus site license. For on-campus use, you can download the software from http://antivirus.temple.edu. Access is restricted to on-campus use.

Discounted Microsoft software available for Temple students

Temple and Journey Education Marketing Co. have joined to offer Temple students up to 60 percent off the regular academic prices on the following Microsoft products:

• Microsoft Office 2003 Professional: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher and Outlook 2003
• Microsoft Office 2003 Standard: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook 2003
• Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Entourage and Messenger
• Microsoft Windows XP

The software is available through online purchases only. For purchases, go to www.campusestore.com/microsoft. Students will be required to provide proof of enrollment via an electronic verification form.