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    FEBRUARY 24, 2005
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Making the leap into film

Long Cheng
Photo by Natalie Nigito

Award-winning film editor Long Cheng talked shop with Temple film students during his visit to campus last week.

The alumnus (M.F.A. ’94), who went on to study feature filmmaking at the American Film Institute in Los Angeles, screened his work and shared his experiences with students in Michael Kuetemeyer’s graduate videography class.

After Cheng earned his degree in engineering at Shanghai University, his family worried about his decision to enter Temple’s graduate film program and pursue a moviemaking career, he admitted.

Not to worry: His most recent credits include a nomination for a British Film Academy Award for his work on director Zhang Yimou’s acclaimed House of Flying Daggers.

Long continues his collaboration with the celebrated director on Zhang’s latest project, Riding Alone in a Thousand Mile.

In addition to showing clips from the visually sumptuous Flying Daggers, Long showed students his riveting short black-and-white film of the Ben Franklin Bridge, a project he did as a Temple grad student that went on to win an Emmy for best experimental film.

- Harriet Goodheart