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    FEBRUARY 17, 2005
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SSN-to-TUid conversion checklist available

Activities are well under way to replace the Social Security number with the new nine-digit TUid as the primary means for uniquely identifying students, faculty, and staff at Temple. The project has wide-ranging central and departmental computer system impact. This initiative will also change the way administrative offices can request personal information from individuals requiring services.

A Social Security number conversion checklist has been added to the http://ssn2tuid.temple.edu project Web site to prepare and guide departments in the transition to the use of the new TUid. To review the guidelines, click on Conversion Checklist on the site under General Info. Send any questions concerning this checklist to ssn2tuid@temple.edu.

Don’t get hooked by phishers

Along with spam and viruses, a new online danger called phishing has emerged. The term phishing is used because scammers try to reel you in to take their bait. “Phishers” present themselves as familiar, legitimate businesses in order to first gain your trust and then acquire your personal information.

Phishers send out e-mail messages that look official because they use the stolen logos and mimicked patterns of banks, credit card companies and brokerage firms in an attempt to direct you to their Web site. For example, the messages may appear to come from banks such as Mellon, Washington Mutual or Citibank or businesses such as PayPal or eBay.

Often, the messages request that you update your information by clicking on a link. Once you go to the bogus site, which looks legitimate, you will be asked to enter passwords, credit card or bank account numbers, Social Security numbers or other personal information. If you enter this information, scammers will have access to illegally use your account.

For more information on phishing and ways to protect yourself from this scam technique, go to www.temple.edu/cs/security/phishing.

Recycle old computer equipment

There’s a home for all of your old computer equipment — the Computer Recycling Center. All departments with a budget code are eligible to submit old equipment to the CRC. Just fill out a surplus form and the CRC staff will come out and pick up your University-owned equipment. The surplus form is available online on the Computer Recycling Center at http://crc.temple.edu.

You can also recycle personal computer equipment through a regional southeastern Pennsylvania drop-off program funded in part by the state Department of Environmental Protection. For more information on dates in your area, go to www.phila.gov/streets/HhwReg2005map.pdf.

For more information on the Computer Recycling Center, call 204-4749 or e-mail crc@temple.edu.