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    FEBRUARY 10, 2005
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Seminar Web site redesigned with new enhancements

Computer Services offers free hands-on training seminars for students, faculty and staff on a variety of computer topics such as Microsoft Office, TUmail, Web authoring tools and Photoshop. Building on the popularity and convenience of browsing and registering for seminars online, the seminar Web site has been redesigned and enhanced with a number of new features.

Seminar listings are now updated on a daily basis. The popular calendar feature that appeared in the back of the printed schedule has been added to the new site. In addition, the seminar registration process has been improved. For example, after you register, you will receive an e-mail confirming your registration or informing you that the seminar is full. If the seminar is full, you will be added to a waiting list. If a cancellation occurs, the person at the top of the waiting list will be automatically registered for the seminar and will receive a confirmation e-mail. In addition, the registration process automatically generates an e-mail notice to your supervisor and sends you a reminder two days before the seminar. Due to these new enhancements, the printed schedule will no longer be distributed.

To view the list of seminar topics and to register online, visit http://seminars.temple.edu.

Expansion of ‘Wireless Zones’ continues throughout Temple

Temple continues to expand wireless access throughout its campuses. Wireless technology has now been installed at the Ambler Campus in five building locations: Bright Hall Lounge; the Hooter’s Nest; the Widener Building, second floor, which includes classrooms, faculty offices and the Instructional Support Center; the Dining Center/Cafeteria; East Residence Hall lobby; and the Library Building, including the Scholars Information Center and library.

Students and faculty members who require help with wireless set-up can call the Ambler SIC at 215-283-1450 or visit room 29 of the Library Building.

Wireless access is also now available at the School of Podiatric Medicine. Wireless areas are located in the Residence Hall first-floor lounge and courtyard, as well as the Main Building first-floor Foot and Ankle Clinic, the library, the Student Lounge, and three classrooms
(236, 318 and 319).

To view of list Temple’s wireless locations and to register your wireless card, visit the Wireless Web site at www.temple.edu/cs/wireless.

E-portfolio pilot extended

Computer Services is continuing the E-portfolio pilot program that was introduced in the fall.
E-portfolio programs allow students to track their development and improvement by maintaining an organized, digital collection of work throughout their academic careers. Faculty input is needed to help evaluate various program options. If you are a faculty member who would like to participate in the evaluation process, call the Instructional Support Center at
204 8529.