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    DECEMBER 8, 2005
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Lindback winner Goldstein: Scientist, practitioner, role model

The Christian R. and Mary F. Lindback Foundation has granted Temple additional time to identify winners for its annual awards, and four outstanding faculty members were selected as 2005 winners. Brian Goldstein will be included in the faculty convocation in April 2006

For many years, Lindback recipient Brian Goldstein enjoyed cooking risotto and other tasty Italian meals for his wife, Linda, and his two daughters, Lauren, 8, and Jenna, 6. But when Goldstein took over as acting chair of the communication sciences department earlier this year, his domestic passions took a temporary backseat to this next chapter in his career.

Communication sciences department chair Brian Goldstein works with Vanessa Gonzales, a master’s student in the department’s speech-language-hearing program, in the Bilingual Language Lab in Weiss Hall.

“My daughters would probably say that ‘Daddy doesn’t do anything but check his e-mail at work,” said Goldstein, who from 1990 to 1993, completed his doctoral degree at Temple, served as director of clinical services and clinical education in Temple’s speech-language-hearing department, worked as a speech-language pathologist for the Rainbow Community Head Start and worked as a research assistant for the National Center for Education in the Inner Cities.

But despite his many accomplishments and responsibilities, Goldstein is as passionate about his students as he is about his work.

“Dr. Goldstein is able to capture the curiosity of students and to challenge them to achieve a higher level of understanding,” said physical therapy professor Roberta A. Newton, who also chairs Temple’s Research, Study Leave and Awards Committee.

“Brian also has the ability to engage students and to get them to think about their own belief systems. This is always challenging, but Brian is able to get students to really think about the specific environments that they work and live in,” former colleague Jenny Roberts said.

Goldstein describes his teaching style as a multifaceted approach where books, classroom discussions, videos and computer presentations are used to reinforce communication sciences principles.

“There is a learning technique inherent in each of these strategies,” Goldstein said. “I don’t need to discuss a topic in the same way as the book does. Individuals learn in different ways, and I try to draw from many avenues in order to reach every student.”

To Goldstein, Temple’s many opportunities for outside experiences and learning allow him to bring his students face-to-face with those who need their help.

“The students see that people in their own community need our services and that they are obligated not only to take from Temple, but also to give back,” Goldstein said.

Goldstein’s students appreciate these life lessons.

“If I can exude even a fraction of what I have observed of Dr. Goldstein when I begin to teach, I will have received the greatest gift a student can receive from her mentor,” doctoral student Leah Fabiano said.

In addition to his current duties as chair, Goldstein teaches several courses, advises graduate students, is the editor of one peer-reviewed journal and serves as an editorial consultant for four others — and in between, he presents his research at various conferences across the country.

“Dr. Goldstein not only embraces scholarship in the classroom but he also serves as a true role model of a scientist and a practitioner to his graduate students,” said College of Health Professions Dean Ronald Brown.

Goldstein discovered Temple by accident. While working toward his bachelor’s degree in linguistics at Brandeis University in 1986, Goldstein roomed with a fellow student from Wynnewood, who suggested he look into Temple’s graduate programs.

“I owe my professional success to the colleagues and students that I’ve known over the years at Temple,” Goldstein said. “The support I’ve received here has made my career.”

- By Tory Harris