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    DECEMBER 2, 2004
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Women’s soccer: Twice as nice

If you happened to catch a Temple women’s soccer match over the last three years, you might have thought you were seeing double.

Especially when looking at the Owls on offense.

That double vision is the result of the Vietry twins, Stephanie and Samantha.

Samantha Vietry

Now juniors, the twins have just completed their third season with the Owl soccer program. Identical not just in appearance, each has succeeded to similar levels on the playing field and in the classroom.

Both three-year starters, Samantha has tallied 11 career goals while compiling a 3.92 cumulative grade point average as an accounting major. Stephanie boasts a cumulative GPA a hundredth of a point ahead of her sister (3.93) as a finance major, but has one fewer goal than her sister on the field.

“We have a special bond as twins,” Samantha said. “Having a twin is like having a best friend that you can always count on.

“As far as competitiveness goes between us,” she adds, “I would say that we are still very competitive, but through the years have become more encouraging with each other. I want to see her do just as well as me or better on the field and in the classroom.”

Stephanie, of course, concurs with her twin.

“We both want each other to do well, but there is always that competitive edge,” she explains. “She is my biggest fan and I am hers, but jealousy is natural, right?

“As for having a special bond, put it this way: She doesn’t expect me to do something; she knows when and what I am going to do!”

The twins arrived on the North Broad Street campus after prepping at Cranston High West in their hometown of Cranston, R.I. Their reasons for choosing Temple are similar, but not exact.

Stephanie Vietry

“I wanted a big-city school away from home,” says Stephanie. “I wanted to experience being on my own, and Temple fit my wants at the time.

“Scholarship and education were also big parts of my final decision. I came in as a broadcast advertising major, but have since switched to finance with a minor in economics. And I also wanted to play at the highest level of collegiate soccer.”

Samantha adds, “There are two reasons I chose Temple. First, for The Fox School of Business. I was looking for a school where I could get a good education and also play soccer. To me, academics comes first.

“The second reason was our old coach Seamus McWilliams. He recruited me into the Temple program and he did a lot for me. He cared about his athletes and stressed the importance of school.”

The adjustment to collegiate life was difficult at times. Juggling a full class load, coupled with practices, matches and travel, is always difficult.

“Coming to Philadelphia was the farthest I have ever been away from my family for an extended period of time,” explains Stephanie. “Playing a sport helped in that I automatically knew 20 people at Temple, but it made it difficult to get into the swing of schoolwork.” 

“The most difficult thing about being a student-athlete is the time demand,” adds Samantha. “Practice each day, especially for us as that practice is at Ambler, takes a huge chunk of time and leaves less time for other activities.”

The conclusion of their junior season saw the Vietrys honored as first-team Academic All-Atlantic 10 Conference performers and second-team Academic All-District members. They also have been named to the University’s Trustees Honor Roll, which is comprised of the 10 student-athletes with the highest cumulative grade-point averages.

So it is fair to say that the Vietrys have adjusted well to their home in Owl Country.

Larry Dougherty