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    DECEMBER 2, 2004
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This Week in Temple History

Dec. 6, 1990
  The Temple Times reported that a majority of the University’s buildings reflect its history. Some of them include:

Anderson Hall: Named after Paul R. Anderson, the University’s fifth president.
Annenberg Hall: Named the Center for Performing Arts in 1963 before receiving grants from the M.L. Annenberg Foundation and Triangle Publications.
Barton Hall: Samuel G. Barton, a 1903 graduate, became a noted astronomer. After his death in 1958, he left much of his estate to the University.
Bright Hall: Jane Linn Erwin Bright, a major contributor to the building’s fund on Ambler Campus, requested that it be a memorial to her mother, Anna Linn Bright.
Conwell Hall: Named after Russell Conwell, the University’s founder and president until his death in 1925.
Gladfelter Hall: Named after Millard E. Gladfelter, the University’s fourth president.
Paley Library: Samuel S. Paley was a member of the board of directors of the Columbia Broadcasting System from 1930 to 1960. Trustees of the Paley Foundation made a gift of more than $1 million to equip and furnish the library, which opened in 1966.
Peabody Hall: Gertrude D. Peabody was the first dean of women until her retirement in 1960.
Pearson Hall: Albert Pearson, of the sporting goods store, was captain of the 1930–1931 basketball team that had a 17-4 record.
Randall Theater: Paul E. Randall staged more than 100 productions during his 38 years as a professor of theater.
Speakman Hall: Frank M. Speakman, an insurance actuary, was a lecturer at the School of Business and Management. After his death in 1956, he left the University much of his estate.
Tomlinson Theater: William W. Tomlinson was a longtime vice president at the University. He and his wife donated 10,000 shares of Scott Paper Co. stock to equip the theater.
Weiss Hall: Abram and Helen Weiss donated funds for furnishings and equipment in the building. Weiss, a financier and land developer, had been chairman of the board of the Colonial Service Mortgage Co.